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Dr. Declan sees the footage of Black Bolt using his powers in Oahu and contacts an inmate who is in the same prison as the Inhuman king. The doctor offers to clear his record if he can get him Black Bolt.

A flashback reveals a young Black Bolt before he got his powers and title. Maximus is envious of Black Bolt getting the throne and not him.

Medusa tries to get cash out of an ATM while Gorgon is gathering up an army.

Crystal is still trapped inside the castle with Maximus trying to convey her to accept him as the new king. He hands her a statement that he wants Crystal to read to the people of Attilan.

She agrees to it but warns Maximus to not even think about tricking her. Maximus contacts Auran for updates about the search for his brother.

Maximus releases a masked Inhuman from his imprisonment. Locus joins several Inhumans on Earth to help Auran capture the others.

Karnak accidentally trespasses and is surrounded by some angry people. Black Bolt is adjusting to being in prison as Declan's inside man keeps his eyes on the king.

Medusa sneaks into a private mansion while regaining her strength. She changes out of her Attilan outfit in order to blend in better. 

When she discovers a newspaper with Black Bolt on the front page Medusa realizes what happened to her husband.

Black Bolt gets locked up with Declan's inside man who tries to get information out of the king. Eventually they begin to understand each other as the inmate realizes that Black Bolt is an Inhuman.

Auran and her army get in a battle with Gorgon and his gang. Locus tries to take them out with his laser eyes but Gorgon manages to knock them out.

Karnak manages to get a chance to explain himself to the woman. He begins to break down when Karnak realizes that he can't do anything for his family.

Louise gets confronted by the police captain who advises her to take off. The cops split Black Bolt and Declan's man up.

Crystal asks Maximus where Lockjaw is before she can give the statement to the people of Attilan. She decides to not give the speech and manages to get away. Crystal gets to Lockjaw and teleports away.

In the flashback, a young Maximus breaks into tear when his father tells him that he is just a human and will always be one. Because of that, he can't never be king.

Karnak is released by his captives who allow him to stay with them.

Black Bolt gets respect from the other inmates who were impressed with fighting the cops. A big fight between the prisoners and guards take place.

Declan's man manages to get Black Bolt to safety as he reveals that he has powers. In another flashback Black Bolt's parents get informed that he can never speak again.

His voice is so dangerous that Black Bolt could destroy planets.The council suggests that he get locked up but Black Bolt's parents are against it.

Declan's man and Black Bolt manages to escape the prison. Louise witnesses Medusa arriving outside the gate and trying to get into the prison.

Medusa tries to catch up but Black Bolt has already boarded Declan's helicopter and flies away. Louise goes to Medusa who forces the scientist to drive after the helicopter.

In a post-credit scene, Crystal and Lockjaw arrive on Earth as they are both discovered by an unnamed man.

Marvel's Inhumans
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Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm Medusa, Queen of Attilan and I need money. This is the Queen of Attilan speaking, I require money! Please? - Medusa to ATM

Esteemed honorary guests. Generic council. Our brother-in-law Maximus would like me to say a few words on his behalf. Here is what I have to say. Maximus is king...of no one! - Crystal