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On Declan's helicopter, the doctor explains to Black Bolt why he is helping him. He wants to do a DNA test on Black Bolt.

Louise and Medusa are back on the ground driving after them. She asks Medusa to put the gun down and to trust her.

The cops begin to follow the two women as Medusa begins to fire back.

Crystal is approached by the person that found her. She uses her powers as she doesn't trust him.

He introduces himself as Dave and stresses that he means no harm. Lockjaw is injured and Dave decides to help them.

Louise realizes that Medusa is from the moon. Medusa admits that she and that her family is on Earth. Louise agrees to help them.

At Declan's facility, Declan has finished testing Black Bolt. He is astonished by Black Bolt's power.

Declan goes outside and uses the Inhuman communication device. He uses it to communicate with none other than Maximus. 

Maximus encourages Declan that he needs to put Black Bolt down. But the doctor doesn't agree as he believes that Black Bolt could be of great use.

Karnak is getting closer with the female member of the group. Ted and Reno are however beginning to doubt if they can trust him.

Auran's army is still looking for Gorgon and his human friends. Elsewhere, Louise is using satellite to find Black Bolt.

In a flashback, young Medusa is promising a young Crystal that all will be well. In the present, the cops are circling in on them.

Back at Attilan, Maximus asks to be put through Terrigenesis again. The high council refuses to help as they believe there could be consequences.

Declan begins to try and help Black Bolt find the others. Black Bolt senses that something is off.

Medusa and Louise begin to run, but Louise forgot something in the room. Medusa goes back to get it for her.

The cops break in while Medusa manages to use a backdoor. Elsewhere Dave is joined by his medical friend to help Lockjaw.

Louise manages to find where the helicopter landed. She goes to get water, but Medusa takes off without her.

Maximus communicates with Auran and tells her that they can't kill Black Bolt yet. But he instructs her that they need to keep an eye on his brother.

Karnak and the female member go to the beach to swim in the ocean. He gets nervous though as Karnak isn't used to this.

Louise catches up with Medusa and is annoyed that she dumped her. They begin to argue about their troubled families.

Medusa is still hesitant on going with Louise, but decides to go with her. In the woods, Gorgon is still trying to figure out where to find Karnak.

Gorgon wants to do it alone as he doesn't want to put his new friends in danger. He takes off to look for Karnak.

Lockjaw is starting to feel better while Crystal and Dave bond. Back at the camp, Reno starts to struggle with Karnak.

Black Bolt and Declan's friend begin to suspect that Declan is up to something fishy. Back at Attilan, Maximus is having the council as his men kill them.

Black Bolt tries to escape but is stopped by Auran. He unleashes some gas so that Mordis won't use his powers.

Medusa and Louise arrive as Mordis accidentally uses his eye beams. An explosion is caused as it knocks Auran's army out. 

Black Bolt and Black Bolt run toward each other and embrace in a kiss. He asks her what happened to her hair as Medusa explains what Maximus did.

Mordis begin to rise again as Louise, Medusa, and Black Bolt get away. In a post-credit scene, Karnak gets closer with the female member while Reno is starting to grow jealous.

Marvel's Inhumans
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Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Louise: You know you never did tell me your name.
Medusa: It's Medusa.
Louise: [laughs] Funny.
Medusa: What?
Louise: I mean...you don't really have any hair. Medusa has snakes made of...Forget about it. Why did you cut it?
Medusa: I didn't.
Louise: Mhm. Yeah, I went through a short-hair phase once. New hair, new you, am I right?

Genetic Council Member: But I do have one question.
Maximus: What?
Genetic Council Member: Can you forgive me...for betraying you? When we were younger?
Maximus: I always thought forgiveness to be overrated.