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Maximus is confronted by Black Bolt and the other returning members. They begin to accuse him before it is revealed that it was just a dream.

Back on Earth, Dave's ex-girlfriend tries to snap a photo of Crystal for the authorities. But Crystal uses her powers to stop her as Audrey runs away.

Dave suggests that Crystal uses her powers to make a signal for her family. Elsewhere, Louise realizes that there might be a way to locate Crystal.

The Royal members discuss what their plan should be once they get back to Attilan. Louise figures out where Crystal landed while Auran reaches out to them.

Auran wants Locus back, but Medusa reveals that he is dead. The family continues to look for Crystal on the island.

Back on Attilan, Maximus is preparing his army to strike against his exiled family. He sends them to Earth to go after Black Bolt and the others.

They arrive on the island and join Auran to look for the others. Tibor continues to conspire with the hooded men who are determined to kill Maximus.

Lousie's car, unfortunately, dies in the middle of the trip. Medusa and Black Bolt argue how they should deal with Maximus in the best way possible.

Louise gets the car back up and running as they continue their search. Tibor pulls Maximus to the side to warn him about that someone is attempting to kill Attilan's new king.

In a flashback, Maximus and Gorgon are training, but Maximus struggles to keep up. Crystal and Dave find the highest place they could find in order to make the signal.

Black Bolt, Medusa, and Louise begin to notice Crystal's lightning strikes. Maximus uses Bronaja to see a vision of his future. The vision featured Tibor and Maximus were having a discussion.

Gorgon and Karnak try to break into Auran's hideout. He warns Karnak to not reveal to the enemies that his powers are not working.

Gorgon runs over to shut down the power in the building as Auran now knows that they are here. Auran tries to sneak up on Karnak, but he can sense her presence.

Karnak sneaks in and takes out one of the soldiers. He then goes after Mordis who challenges Karnak to tell him the outcome of this battle.

But Mordis wasn't prepared for what Karnak had to say. Karnak manages to get into his head before knocking him out.

Gorgon releases Sammy who wonders where Black Bolt is. He is asked by Gorgon to take off so he doesn't get hurt.

Karnak runs into Bronaja's father and takes him out. Gorgon goes straight for Auran as they have another fight.

Gorgon gives her a chance to surrender, but she refuses before he threatens to stomp her. Karnak goes and gets Declan to safety.

Crystal and Dave get closer as they kiss each other before her family arrives. They decide to regroup with Gorgon and Karnak as soon as possible so they can return home.

Auran asks the cousins what will happen to her when they return to Attilan. Mordis tries to take off his mask to blow everyone up, but Gorgon stops him by stomping on the ground and causing a hole.

The Royal Family goes to get Lockjaw who is feeling a lot better. They try to leave, but the police suddenly arrive because of Louise's stolen car.

Audrey called the cops to get the Inhumans taken care of. Louise understands that she can't go with the family as they teleport away.

They go to pick up Gorgon and Karnak only to find the blown up building. Karnak reveals that Gorgon is dead which stuns them all.

Back on Attilan, Maximus executes Tibor and have the hooded men arrested. He asks Bronaja if Tibor had a knife in his vision and he admits that Tibor did.

Maximus demands that Bronaja kneels and says "Long Live King Maximus", which he does.

Marvel's Inhumans
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Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Karnak: Dear, dear Mordis, it's been a long time.
Mordis: The all-powerful Karnak! Hiding, are we? I've heard that you like to tell your enemies all the different ways you can defeat them. So let me give you the chance to do so right now. Please, show me your genius!
Karnak: Do you remember the first day you came out of Terrigenesis? So scared, so alone. How many did you harm that day? How horrible you must have felt.
Mordis: I didn't ask for this gift!
Karnak: That's exactly what I told the genetic council! But they didn't care, they wanted to put you down. How I pleaded for your life!
Mordis: Black Bolt was just as dangerous! But he was given far more opportunities than I was. It was me who got locked up in that cell!
Karnak: But that is what kept you alive...
Mordis: No! Being locked away is not being alive.
Karnak: Yeah you are right, mistakes were made. But that was then. Maybe from this moment forward, things can be different.

Medusa: Why did I bring my parents up? I brought them up because when you became king, you said you never wanted to be like your own parents or like any other king before you. I'm reminding you that you promised me that you'd be more understanding!
Black Bolt: [signs]
Medusa: Yes he hurt me and there was a part of me that wants him to pay for that, but we have to be bigger than that. So does that answer your question? No, no we don't let him just walk away. We give him a fair trial, we let the people decide!