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Molly's parents died when she was young. Everyone is at their funeral. Geoffrey is upset, speaking with Robert about the burn on Tina's hand. They're supposed to be a family. The Hernandez's were good people. They didn't deserve this.

The Yorkes spoke to Gene and Alice that night and are worried someone might find out.

Molly was younger than the other kids, and Gert is protective of her.

Leslie checks in with Karolina about how nice it was to see all the kids together again.

They're all meeting up at the beach. Destiny sent a text to Karolina from London. It looks photoshopped to me!

Chase is in trouble with his friends and Karolina wonders why. He blows her off, but it's because the trouble revolves around her.

Victor is being plagued by Destiny. Is she dead or is she stuck somewhere in between worlds? How would we know?

The Synergy serum is on the cover of a scientific journal and the Yorkes want to give it to the government to use well while the Minous want to get rick from it.

Tina wants to go on a date with Robert. Robert wants to pack up Amy's room. Or invite Nico to sushi because she really needs them now.

Get and Chase are in his father's basement looking around at the sacrificial tanning bed and wondering what Molly might have heard that night.

Nico sends her parents on their sushi date without her and begins rifling through the house. Wherever Molly is she's busting out of a bathroom with barred windows. It saps all of her energy, though.

Alex as hoping to head into his basement, but discovers his dad is in the kitchen moments after he opened the trap door thing. Uh oh.

By the time Alex gets into the room, the doors have closed. Things aren't going as great with Molly and Tina.

Molly uses the "I'm just the dumb adopted girl" gig to get out of her current situation with Tina. It works.

Nico has the key thing in her hands and holding it opens Amy diary. When she subsequently picks up a paper snowflake from inside the diary, it begins to snow in the house. What's going on?

At the restaurant, Tina has taken off her panties under the table. She's booked a hotel and wants to 50 Shades it. But for two years she's been absent in their marriage and to show up going so fast bothers him. Especially after last night.

Karolina calls Destiny again and her number is disconnected. A fellow church member arrives in the hallway with her, and she asks if when he takes off the bracelet he sees the stars. He has no idea what she's saying. They are standing before a painting done by her grandfather, though, that looks a lot like what she experienced.

Nico calls Alex to help her with the snow. When he takes the key in his hands, it shrinks again and the snow stops.

Chase sees nothing that looks like what Gert described. A dildo with wings, yes.

They go into the basement.

Robert and Janet are about to get it on.

Nico and Alex are trying to clean up a room full of snow with a bucket and in four miles, they manage to do it with no wet spots. Talk about suspension of disbelief!!

Their made-up story is that they were making out.

Gert and Chase find the prehistoric animal in the basement. In fear, Gert begins telling it what to do, sort of, and it listens, eventually running away when it hears the car horn.

Leslie is with the being in the gas mask. He's not getting better. Tina calls her. Turn on the news. Destiny's body has been found on the beach. They're going to need another sacrifice.


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Marvel's Runaways Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Tina: I've booked us a room five minutes away. It worked for Dakota Johnson.
Robert: We're not characters in some trashy movie. This is real life. We're in a real marriage.

Chase: Were you just checkin' out my junk?
Gert: What makes you say that?
Chase: The X-Ray goggles on your head?
Gert: I may have given it cursory glance purely out of scientific curiosity.