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Flashback to the day Amy died. Her alarm is going off. Paper snowflakes hang from her ceiling. She committed suicide. She dressed like Nico does now.

Nico's parents merely look at each other while Nico freaks out. Nico wants to call 911, but her parents don't want her to. In fact, they stop her.

Tina uses the magic key to knock her out before she can complete the call.

Tina's mother had a man in her office. She gave him an envelope.

Now that Nico has Amy's diary, she's reading it when the others call to say Destiny's body was found on the beach.

Alex finds a gun in the house.

A blonde is kidnapped and taken by someone.

The Yorkes head out to get their "hedgehog."

Nico decides after reading Amy's diary that she didn't do it. She's also ready to go to the police about Destiny. Alex thinks it's a bad idea.

The Pride are together to talk about what's going on. Victor, very sweaty, blames himself. It wasn't the box, but him, he says. Tina offers Robert to go with Victor to find a homeless person for the sacrifice. Nice of her.

Geoffrey isn't keen on just picking someone off the street. Don't they matter? Leslie assures him they all matter. But they're desperate because of the sick dude in the mask. He can't be alone right now.

At school, Chase's teammates want to put the stuff with Karolina behind them and move on. He's not really on the same page.

Karolina cannot believe people think she hooked up with two guys at that party.

The dude in the mask is crumbling like crusty clay. Leslie wants to know what she can do. He mumbles something and Leslie crawls naked under the covers with him. They begin to glow together.

Leslie's husband Frank is outside the meditation room wondering if she's having an affair. She's decided he's ready to go Ultra, she says. We know what that means!

Gert completely forgot about the club she was going to start about the patriarchy when a group of three girls walk up to her in the school yard.

Karolina wants to prove their parents innocent and needs Gert's help. They're going to read up on Gibborim and going Ultra in the hopes that's all that's happening.

Victor and Robert screw up their attempt to grab a homeless man. Why did they choose a scrapping man?

Karolina finds her mother's laptop just sitting out, so she and Gert try to get into it. It's encrypted, so Gert uses a USB R2D2 to take it to Alex. Chase knocks as she's leaving.

Nico and Alex are at the police station. They start reporting a murder, two murders.

Chase tells Karolina what happened at the party. She takes the opportunity to ask Chase to help her take off her bracelet and let her know what happens when she does.

When she takes it off, she begins to glow with the psychedelic colors and stars. Chase is afraid of electrocution or radiation poisoning but touches her. They have a lot of questions.

Alex and Nico are in the waiting area when they see Victor and Robert taken into the station. The man ushering them in is the one who took the envelope from Tina the day Amy died.

Alex shows Nico the gun. They have to protect themselves.

Tina is speaking with what looks to be a thug. His name is Kincaid. He says he kind of wants to go with them and thanks her for her money. He says they don't seem like bad people. She says they never do.

The Yorkes are still looking for the dinosaur. Dale worries about her future, but Stacey just wants to leave...forever.

Molly was at home writing questions about her parents when the dino knocked at her door. It doesn't seem to like her. When Gert gets home, she stops it from hurting Molly and can't believe it.

Even though she was just terrorized, even Molly can't keep the wonder off her face when Gert begins petting the thing.

Their parents come home and have no idea why Gert has a connection to the creature because although they created it for their protection, they didn't do anything special for what's occurring.

Tina is at the door. They're never going to have the answers, are they??

Tina has exactly the place she believes the Yorkes are heading. The Hernandez's place in the Yucatan.

Chase is working in Victor's lab when his dad comes home. He tries to get out of his way before Victor sees it, but instead, his dad grabs it and tosses it on the floor. It's flawed and the work of a child. But Victor wants to know the idea and how it makes Chase feel so they can work on it together.

Right now, it is perfect in his mind and that's where Chase needs to live while they build it. Victor wants Chase to take him there. What's it called? Fistigons.

Nico and Alex are searching for the runaways in the church files. Nobody even cared enough about them to file a missing person's report. Somehow they suss out their parents are serial killers whose parents handpick the victims. But I don't know how it connects to Leslie's maiden name.

Nico calls Karolina just as Alex gets a call that his car alarm is going off. She tells Karolina about her mother. In the backyard, Leslie and Frank are frolicking while Leslie waves over her daughter.

When Nico gets outside, someone drives off with an unwilling Alex.

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Marvel's Runaways Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Chase: Are you going to say sorry to her?
Team Dude: No. I got a broken rib because of that bitch.
Chase: Good thing you got 23 more! [begins a fight]

Now. How hard can it be to find a dinosaur in the Palisades?