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Eighteen years ago, Geoffrey is in prison and meets a man who wants to buy property his uncle left to him. His starting bid is $5 million.

Geoffrey wants to go into business with the guy. He says it doesn't work that way. He has to be present. Catherine promises Geoffrey will be out in a month.

The man's name is Jonah.

Geoffrey makes a deal with a guy in prison to take his rap. That guy is who kidnapped Alex.

The gang is gathering to find Alex, but Chase isn't answering.

Chase is with his dad working on the Fistigons. Victor is enjoying the time together, feeling like he's closer to the ideas than he has been in a long time. Maybe they can even pop out an old idea he had that he could never perfect on his own. There is something absent in his eyes, though, while talking with Chase.

Alex's kidnapper is telling Alex how Geoffrey let him down. He wants what he was owed, and is surprised when Alex already knows what kind of a man his daddy is.

Geoffrey knows Alex is in trouble, but isn't doing too much to help. Instead of paying the guy, he's gathering three guys in an unmarked car.

When Victor gets coffee refills, Chase leaves to help his friends.

When Geoffrey gets there, his guns are blazing. The kid with them appeals to Geoffrey who can't shoot him. Alex shoots him instead.

The kids start using their powers. Molly her strength, Karolina her shooting beams, Alex his fistigons, and Nico her witchy staff. It works.

Geoffrey refuses to let Alex help with the kid. He says he doesn't know the first thing about Dairus. Get on the bus and disappear.

Geoffrey wants to use the kid, Andre, as the sacrifice.

Alex goes to the group. It's time to save another kid.

A love triangle is beginning between Chase, Karolina, and Gert, with Gert as the odd-girl out.

The parents are trying to keep Andre alive before they kill him as a sacrifice. The kids arrive at the sacrifice room only to discover the parents have him somewhere else.

Nico discovers why Alex is so eager to save him, other than he's just a kid they need to save. Alex shot him trying to save a dad he doesn't even know is worthy of protecting.

Alex and Nico make out.

Chase found a hidden camera in the library.

While the kids ponder what reason could possibly justify the actions of their parents, the parents are huddled around two of the tanning beds. Someone in one of the beds gets really tan, and someone in the other bed disappears. Leslie says, "It worked, you can all leave now."

She smiles joyfully and looks down at the other bed.

Alex is searching the internet for the death of a boy in Compton named Andre. Geoffrey tells Alex Andre is fine. Alex no longer believes anything his father says. He's not his best friend or his father.

Geoffrey pulls the "this is my house and your room is on loan" crap and Alex pulls back when Geoffrey leans in as if he's going to be struck. Catherine says they have enough secrets with Pride, there shouldn't be any with them.

Karolina wrecks her room.

Gert and Molly visit her dinosaur.

Tina finds Nico with the staff. Tina says Nico is the only other person in the world who can use the staff, and she hopes Nico will one day regain trust in her.

Victor is excited to see Chase home again. He's pulled out his old project. It's a time machine. It doesn't send anyone anywhere, but it should show a picture of the past or future. When he smashes it on the ground, Victor's head begins pounding. He has a type of brain cancer. He hasn't told his mom yet. They hug. When they walk away, the time machine works. Los Angeles of the future is crumbling.

Frank didn't make ultra. Jonah, though, is back and wants to meet her.


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Marvel's Runaways Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Victor: How is it you know all this but you've never gotten above a B- in calculus?
Chase: Calcs boring. I like practical applications.

Please don't say it's going to be OK. My mom is a murderer; all of our parents are murderers!