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Fifteen years ago, Geoffrey and Catherine are getting the tour of Jonah's house, which is underground. He tells them they're going to be doing things they don't want their neighbors to hear right there on 3/4 of an acre in Brentwood.

It's the first Pride meeting. Molly's parents appear to be there.

Leslie shows up with a blond hunky guy who is doing whatever Mrs. Dean says. He gets into the box and that's it. It isn't a death. He lives on in another. He is eternal. They accepted help from Jonah. Tina knew about it. Nobody else did. They were shocked.

In the present day, Leslie doesn't like that Jonah is going to change things, bring himself into the public eye.

Nico's mom is teaching her how to use the staff, assuring her it's science and not Wicca. It's designed to respond to her mom's DNA only. Tina says apparently they're a lot more alike than she cares to think. She also says she could have just asked if she wanted to see it, and if she wanted to read her sister's diary.

Karolina asks her dad whether her grandfather ever saw something divine. Frank reveals he may be done trying to go ultra. She also wonders why he isn't in Pride. He thinks it's her mom's thing.

Victor is excited to learn the fistigons yielded some success because it means they're on the right track.

When Chase leaves, Victor turns on a recording. He's listening in on Janet and Robert.

Robert gives Janet a gun. It's time to tell him about the affair. Victor already knows, so will that temper his violence.

Alex thinks the time for talking with their parents is over. Everyone puts their hands in, but Nico and Chase are hesitant.

There is a big gala for the school ad the church and Pride is giving a $5 million donation. The kids have made their pact, and looking at their happy parents confuses them.

When Frank meets Jonah at the party, he recalls a time he walked into the meditation room and caught them having sex.

Gert wonders if Karolina is into Nico. Karolina says, why? So you can have Chase? Gert denies her feelings for Chase, and they're both called out for lying. Interesting.

Karolina takes a bottle of vodka and wanders out of the party.

Nico and Alex are in the server room. They're trying to get the video from the sacrifice room.

Karolina is drinking on the roof when Chase finds her. She's drinking well vodka. Chase can't believe it. She gets futzy and goes to sit on the outer wall. It makes Chase antsy.

Gert is keeping an eye out for everyone. Nico's blood triggers Tina's computer in her office. Are they clones?

Gert falls off the roof. She can fly!

Victor has a brain attack, and when it's his turn to speak on stage, he says all the wrong things outing Janet and Robert.

Chase is the only one who knows about the cancer, and Janet is shocked to discover it. Jonah, of course, is appalled by the behavior of the group. Leslie needs Jonah, though.

Tina is on her way to her office, but Nico and Alex aren't finished downloading the file.There is no way they won't be caught.

Nico cries to hear her mother so distraught, but Alex won't let her go to her.

Chase is in the room when Jonah arrives to help Victor. He wants to stay, but they won't let him. It should drive Chase and Nico a little further from the group, though.

The guys Gert is hanging around with wonder why she doesn't have a boyfriend. Where were the girls like her when they were in high school? Did they try the theater department?

When Victor gets downstairs, he cannot be happier. He has a new lease on life. Wife and son are sufficiently confused.

At the same time, Jonah meets Karolina and tells Frank he went ultra, but he just didn't know it.

Molly tells Gert about Karolina and Chase. She's very upset.

Nico realizes something doesn't seem right about how easy it was for them to get into her mother's office and get that video.

Molly talks to Catherine and says time is running out to find out about her parents. But, she didn't see a thing!


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Marvel's Runaways Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The truth is, you never know what's going on in someone's mind, even someone you love.


Leslie: Please. I want you to meet her, but it's got to be the right way.
Jonah: OK. Tell me. What's the right way to meet my daughter?