Visiting an Old Friend - Marvel's Runaways
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Destiny gets off a bus, tries to call home, but hangs up when her mom answers.

A gang of guys follows her and she freaks out. They're tasered by two older women who take her away on a bus. She wonders if it's a cult, but gets on anyway. The two guys think she would have been safer with them.

Six months later, someone is screaming for Alex, who is playing video games in the bedroom of his giant mansion. His dad says he hasn't seen him play it in a long while. It's what he used to play with "her." No offense, but she was a lot better than him. The name on the screen says SuperAmy.

His parents think it's time. It's been two years.

Alex's dad says his friends are probably feeling the exact same way. Alex says they're doing just fine. Dad says or they're better at hiding what's really going on.

A girl is getting ready for school. Her mom is angry. If Amy was here...but she's not here. So she wouldn't be angry if I take her award gets broken while they're being snarky.

Victor Stein is eating breakfast. His son did great in his game but got a C in Spanish. The kid must not be afraid of his dad.

At the cult must be Amy. David Eller wrote the words they're reading. Maybe. A daughter is talking to her mother. Carolina wants to go on a school trip, but mom won't let her because of an activity at the church.

Molly feels weird on her way to school, and her mom tells her if her period is a problem, just go to the bathroom and have an orgasm. Natures remedy. Well.

The blonde from the church is telling people to have a beautiful day and sending out selfies from social media with #Blessed.

Alex is watching Amy's sister and decides to have a party while the parents have a "Pride" meeting. It will be like old times.

The parents are all going into a room with red robes, Leslie grabs the hand of a thing in a white room at the church and tells it they're ready. Tonight another becomes eternal.

Gert is looking for members to take down the man on campus. Nobody is running to her clipboard to help, but something tells me that will change.

Alex hits up Chase about his mechanical drawing and asks if they'd all like to hang out like they used to. Unanimously no.

Molly tries to try out for a dance squad of sorts, but has the weirdest cramps I've ever seen. They make her double over in pain so she can't finish. She kind of sucks, anyway.

Chase needs to get better than a C in Spanish, and Gert offers to help him. She seems to have a crush on him.

Miko is wandering the halls when Alex catches up to her. He gives her a nice speech, but she had headphones in and probably isn't listening to him. He says he misses her, and she points to her headphones, walks away and then turns on her music.

She gets into the bathroom where she cries. Karolina is in there while looking at one of her selfies with a rude hashtag and rainbow vomit coming out of her mouth, tears coming out of her eyes, too.

Molly is in the nurses's office where she's given meds. Surprisingly, given that she's in school. If Molly busts one out I'm going to die.

Molly screams in pain, her eyes flame gold and she squeezes and bends the chair she is sitting on. The pain is better.

Karolina is giving an interview about her mom and the bracelets they wear when Destiny walks up, talking about when she rebelled and the church found her. Karolina wonders what it was like and Destiny begins telling her about the church. That's not what Karolina wants to know. She wants to know about rebelling.

At home, Molly is tryng to lift the van. It doesn't work until she's in jeopardy. When she is, she rolls it back onto the ramp.

All of the parents do not get along, and it's the Yorkes who are the least liked of all.

Alex arrives home and tells all the parents their kids didn't want to join him so he'll be out back scarfing pizzas.

Molly waits for Chase who is partying instead of being tutored by Gert in Spanish.

The Church of Gibborim. Weird.

Alex sends a photo of the gang to everyone just as Karolina arrives at the party where Chase is not having fun.

Karolina takes a pill someone offers her and she takes it. When she sees two girls kissing, she takes off her bracelet and starts seeing herself glowing with stars and passes out. Chase sees two guys pulling her upstairs.

Molly has to feed the "pets." They don't seem like pets. Her eyes are glowing at every unknown movement now. And one of their "pets" is a giant beast in the backyard.

She calls her sister to come get her. Something's not right.

Chase gets in the room just in time to pull the guys off of Karolina and put her bracelet back on. She needs it. It glows when it's snapped on.

That's when we discover Karolina never took the drug. She was seeing those things only because she took off her bracelet.

Nico is on the beach calling forth her sister, begging her to emerge into the light.

Everyone winds up at Alex's house talking about Amy after the manipulative text he sent. They begin arguing amongst themselves.

Maybe they don't fit without Amy. There's the church girl, the social justice warrior, the jock, the geek, the one who isn't Amy, and Molly.

Everyone wonders why Alex didn't go to the funeral. Nico thanks Alex for putting together the evening. She needed it.

Alex's attempt to get a coaster opens up secret passage. It seems highly unlikely he's never reached for a coaster before. If not, damn, kid.

They manage to get to the parents at just the moment when Destiny is being, hmmm, made eternal without her consent.


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Marvel's Runaways Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Geoffrey: Those friends of yours are probably feeling the exact same way you are today.
Alex: Actually, they're doing just fine.
Geoffrey: Or maybe they're better at hiding what's really going on.

Kids that know you when you're young? No one will ever know you like that again. Don't give up on that.