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The kids flee and the parents turn the place dark. Only Molly saved the kids with her newfound strength. They have no idea what the hell is going on but think their parents killed Destiny.

Now we rewind to earlier that day. Alex's parents are talking about their kid. They can't let their past define their future.

Catherine met Geoffrey while he was in jail.

Janet gets a phone call from one of the parents while she's talking with Chase.

Victor is testing the chair they will later put Destiny into. He puts a rat into it and wonders why it's still here when it opens. Apparently, it's having dematerialization problems.

When Janet says he can ask for help, he wonders who could possibly help him. He apologizes for being angry but also tells her to get rid of the sweet rat.

A dude named Phil wants to fire Frank. His agent. Frank wants to continue acting because the church is Leslie's. Phil can't believe it.

Tina is pissed Nico didn't follow their verbal agreement to stay out of Tina's room. She gets a giant key out of the living room and wants to seal the room with Robert in it since he's not budging. He talks her off the ledge and she lets him out. They'll start with a padlock.

The Yorkes are chatting about the Pride meeting tonight. Oh no, Dale says.

Some dude with stars on his neck, similar to the stars on Destiny's forehead, shows up at a building site to threaten the men there. His name is Darius.

Darius Davis wants Howard to let Robert Wilder know he said hi. Robert gets a call.

Destiny is about to get onto a bus when Leslie shows up. She has a little girl and today is her birthday. Leslie is visibly shaken when she discovers Destiny has a little girl.

Leslie believes Destiny is ready to go Ultra, she says. She's been praying on it. Anything to get the girl to stay so she can be disappeared through the rat portal.

Frank isn't even Ultra. He asks Leslie if he can be taken Ultra so they can run the church together.

The Pride doesn't agree about Destiny. For the first time, they're doing whatever it is to someone the same age as their children. And, apparently, it will be the last time they have to do it. They don't know exactly for what they're doing it, either, which is worrisome.

Leslie thinks giving the street kids six months of clean living before they are sent wherever is better than they would have gotten on the streets. So they move forward with the ceremony. Leslie has tears in her eyes.

The breakers flipped. Nobody knows why. The kids are all cool and playing Twister.

But now the kids want to know what the hell is going on. Are they all evil? Well, they're not really evil, since they care about the people they're putting in the gizmo. So what are they?

Frank is at the church looking through Leslie's schedule.

Victor is putting away the machine when he discovers Destiny is still in there. She asks for help and he grabs her arms. Uh oh.

Frank tries to get into Leslie's special room, but her security guards cut him off at the pass.

Molly is worried about what is going on with her. Gert sings her a song.

Alex sends a text to meet him tomorrow. They'll figure this out.

Karolina decides to send a text to Destiny and is surprised to see three someone answering?

As Gert sings, the monster in the vegetation perks up.

Geoffrey doesn't like being pulled back into the world with Darius, but he realizes that while the zip code may have changed, he's no better where he is now than he was when he was working with Darius more closely. Killing is still killing.

When they're getting ready to go to bed, Geoffrey steps onto a piece of kitty jewelry beside the door that leads to their lar. Uh oh.

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Marvel's Runaways Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Secrets only live in shadows and there are no shadows in the light.


Phil: Listen, Frank, you had a good run. There was a moment there when your poster was on the wall of every teenage girl across the country. A huge swath of the teenage population discovered the wonders of masturbation to your photo.
Frank: That's high praise indeed.