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The parents are brought to the police station after reporting their children as kidnappers. The police believe they've found the missing kids, but they turn out to be doppelgangers dressed similarly.

The kids run after a mugger who stole their bike, money, and Chase's gauntlets. The mugger successfully gets away.

Molly lifts the cart carrying Old Lace after the wheel breaks in the chase.

The Runaways are desperate for food. They reluctantly accept a meal from the shelter after finding out PRIDE donated the supplies.

Nico thinks Alex got the money from his parents. Chase believes Alex wanted to get rid of Karolina because of Karolina's new romance with Nico. Alex denies involvement and leaves to the hideout.

Molly's aunt Graciella appears on the news screen and proclaims that the parents are involved in the disappearance.

The parents put on a front in front of the PRIDE employees. Tina and Robert reveal the secret Central Command for the parents to search for their kids.

Tina wants Geoffrey to look into Graciella to shut her up.

Alex goes to Darius to get more money. Darius agrees, but Alex will have to earn the money.

Chase and Karolina pretend to be a rich couple to steal a car. They successfully pull off the distraction and the group sneaks away.

Darius makes Alex paint a room to earn the payment. Alex freaked out thinking he was going to have to murder someone.

Dale and Stacey visit Graciella looking for Molly, but Graciella doesn't know where Molly went. She offers to show them the Hernandez's tape; however, she comes back with a gun and destroys it. Tina uses her magical staff to force Graciella to choke.

Gert, Karolina, Nico, Molly, and Chase find Graciella's dead body. They also find an empty syringe on the ground.

Darius's pregnant wife wants them to repaint the room in the colour she wanted. Alex meets her sister, Livvie. Darius's wife recognizes Alex and wants him gone.

The Runaways hold a mini memorial for Graciella in their shanty town hideout. Other homeless individuals begin dropping off items at the memorial.

Karolina comforts Nico and they kiss.

Chase tries to comfort Gert, but she's too preoccupied about Molly.

Alex arrives with new supplies for the group; they coldly brush him off.

Victor and Jonah are in a healing algorithm set in the past on the day before Victor's father left. Jonah needs Victor's help in creating a new box since the last one was destroyed and the effects from the previous sacrifice are wearing out. Victor will help, but he needs his wife's help.

The parents recovered the Hernandez's tape and learned what it revealed. They discuss the secrets hidden within the hole: whatever is down there, it's a live and sentient.

The parents want to kill Jonah, but they focus on finding their kids first. Tina and Geoffrey sign up to lead the group.

The mugger from earlier wears Chase's gauntlets and loses control in the hideout. The Runaways chase after him on bikes. Gert calls on Old Lace to tackle the mugger.

Chase stealls back his gauntlets from the mugger.

Karolina falls through the ground and ends up in an abandoned mansion trapped under an avalanche. The Runaways make this new place their home.

Karolina meets with Jonah to get answers. An earthquake hits.

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