Coming To a Head - Mary Kills People
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Mary and Grady are discussing their business partnership. Grady's niece Maya wakes up with a bad dream and comes out to find him. He and Mary seal their agreement with a handshake.

At the hospital, Mary gives Annie one last payment for Morgan's case and then hires her to babysit Des to make sure he stays sober. Annie and Des realize they've been partners of sorts without ever meeting. Annie wants to leave but Des shares his vision of a death retreat and they seem to share the same vision for their patients.

Ben and Frank execute their search warrant on Troy Dixon's estate. His widow admits that Troy wanted to commit suicide and that they had had a huge fight about it. When the detectives ask why she didn't share this information before, she said she was grateful that he had found someone to help him die because she wasn't strong enough to do it herself. The station calls Ben's phone and the officers inform him that the cell they found in the Yukon with Sid's dead body had a missed call from Morgan Lewis on it. Frank and Ben go to question Morgan and find his house empty but find evidence he went to the Larimar Hotel the night before. 

Mary picks Jess up from school. They go to the lake house where Mary grew up to clear the air. Mary shares how she felt about her mother when she was sixteen - angry and resentful - and wants Jess to talk to her about what's going on. Jess shares how she's in love with Naomi and that she thought Naomi felt the same way but was wrong. Mary consoles her and reassures her that she's perfect and it's Naomi's loss if she doesn't reciprocate the feelings. Jess asks her about why she lied for Naomi when she took the pento. Mary tells her she was scared that she'd lose Jess and Cambie if Kevin and Louise found out that she'd had pento lying around where Naomi could take it. Jess confesses she thought Mary was dealing drugs.

Ben and Frank find Morgan's body in the hotel room. Frank gets a call from Des saying that he wants to make a statement to the police.

Back at the lake house, Mary warns Nicole against digging too deep in the garden. It's where she buried a box after Morgan's death. She asks Nicole to take care of her daughters if anything were to happen to her.

Mary and Grady are going through the details of the business. Mary insists that he learn the clinical technique of providing an injection. He insists he practice by injecting her. She talks him through it then excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She stumbles down the hall and closes the door.

At the police station, Frank is taking Des' statement and he's saying that Grady is behind the whole thing. 

Ben gets a call from Mary claiming that Grady's drugged her and is going to kill her for telling him to leave Des alone. She gives the address and hangs up. She returns to the living room and Grady realizes that he'd injected her with something other than saline. He pulls a gun and demands to know what her game is.

Ben bursts in, Grady shoots at him and Ben returns fire with a shot through the heart. Grady begs Mary to help him but she says that there's nothing she can do for him. He dies. Mary tells Ben that Grady pinned her down and shot her with the pento. She is escorted home. Ben looks around Grady's house and finds the Polaroid of Mary, topless wearing mouse ears, from the first time she met Grady.

Cambie recites a poem for Nicole at the lake house and heads in to get her notebook. Mary and Nicole take about Mary's business and Nicole wants to become a partner. Mary says they can talk about it later but she has to attend a funeral.

At the police station, the judge is watching his son's video. Frank and Ben discuss everything they discovered at Grady's house - videos, files, pento - and Frank is feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Ben doesn't seem convinced that it's all over.

Naomi and Jess have a talk and are honest with each other and seem to reconcile. Louise is watching the police files and realizes that Des' partner was Mary. Meanwhile, Casper the cat reappears in the backyard and Jess looks shocked.

Mary meets with Ben and he confronts her with the Polaroid. She makes up a story but he says she doesn't need to do that because the case is over. He tells her that he's heading out of town for another case and they share a goodbye kiss.

Des is waiting for Mary on the beach near a bonfire. Morgan's friends are there to send him off in Viking fashion. 


Mary Kills People
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Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You know what I do when I have a bad dream? I go right back to sleep or the monsters win.


Grady: Do you think our past dictates our future? Everything that's happened in our lives has brought us to this moment here, you asking me to help you kill people?
Mary: That would be the past dictating the present, and no, I think we have more control than that.