Reconsidering Her Operation - Mary Kills People
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Ben reviews the evidence that he and Frank have gathered on Mary so far. Meanwhile, Mary is questioned by hospital administration about the disappearance of Sid from the ICU.

Des prepares to wear a wire to his next appointment with Mary by getting high. 

At the hospital, Matt Danvers is in a coma and his family is praying for him. When Dr. Taylor tells Mary he isn't comfortable praying, she tells him he either tells the wife to pull the plug or to suck it up and pray.

Annie quits the arrangement after Mary admits to helping Sid escape police custody.

Ben helps Des get his wire on, notices that he's high, and they have a long talk about Mary.

At home, Mary hears a noise in the house and pulls her gun only to find her daughter Cambie in the kitchen looking for a Math book. When Mary freaks out at her ex-husband Kevin about coming into the house, he returns the key and tries to calm her down.

On their way to Morgan's, Mary tries to make peace with Des and talks about trust. She realizes that he's high and wants to know what triggered his relapse. Frank and Ben are listening in.

Arriving at Morgan's, they find his bandmates rehearsing at his house. They introduce themselves as palliative counselors and the bandmates leave. Des tries to back out but Morgan and Mary convince him to follow through. When she asks Des for the contract, he silently lifts his shirt to show her the wire. She writes a note to Morgan indicating he should say that he's tired and she would contact him with a different place to meet. She burns the note and, out loud, tells Morgan to rest and says they'll reschedule.

Frank realizes Des is trying to remove the wire and runs out to catch him. Mary leaves Des behind and drives off without him. Frank attacks him but can't arrest him. Des leaves and Frank blows up at Ben in frustration.

At the girls' school, Naomi approaches Jess about skipping school and Jess blows her off, still angry about her behavior at the beach. Naomi tries to humiliate her about her sexuality by making a public spectacle. When Jess responds with the truth of Naomi's actions, Naomi slaps her and Jess pushes back. The girls fight and are taken to the principal's office and their parents are called in.

Back at the hospital, Matt Danvers has come out of his coma and Mary is able to celebrate his miraculous recovery for a moment before getting the phone call from the school. The girls get detention afterschool for two weeks as punishment for fighting but when Mary tries to talk to Jess afterwards, she tells her mother that she ruins everything and doesn't really love her. Kevin tries to reason with Mary and tells her that his house has sold for a great price so he'll be able to ease some of the financial stress she's been feeling. When he lets her know that he'll be moving in with Louise, she tells him it's a bad idea and he tells her that it doesn't matter what she thinks anymore.

Ben meets with the judge about the investigation and tries to appease his impatience.

Des gets home to find Larissa there and they have a huge fight and he throws her out so he can shoot up again.

Mary meets with Morgan in a hotel room and they chat about she'll do moving forward as she prepares the cocktail for him. He tells her that she's a good person for what she does and asks her to stay with him while the pento takes effect. She tells him about her mother as he dies. After checking his pulse, Mary looks around for his phone and uses it to call the cell phone she dropped in Grady's SUV and then leaves the phone in Morgan's hand. As she's packing up, she gets a call from Des and realizes that he's in trouble.

She rushes to his apartment and finds him on the floor. She revives him and then reprimands him for calling her for help after his betrayal. They clear the air but Mary tells him she needs a partner who can handle the pressure. 

At the police station, Ben makes peace with Frank by getting a search warrant for Troy Dixon's property.

Sid's custodial cops find the Yukon Grady shot him in and the cell phone Mary dropped.

Mary buries a box and gathers up a few files to take to a meeting with Grady where she offers him a 50/50 partnership.



Mary Kills People
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Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ben: My plan? I'm just... doing my job.
Des: Throw yourself into the work. It's a good, solid plan. But it's the same things, really. The drugs, the law, it's all just an attempt to control the chaos.
Ben: Ever think Mary's the one that creates the chaos?
Des: Yeah. She's good at that.

Mary: How are you feeling?
Morgan: Good. Weird. Feels like I'm standing at the edge of a cliff. Does that make any sense?
Mary: It makes a lot of sense