Mary Gets Blackmailed - Mary Kills People
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Mary and Des head out to meet a new client, Irene but they’re being tailed by Ben/Joel and Frank. The cops follow her car to a nursing home and burst in to find Des’ girlfriend, Larissa, reading to her grandmother. Mary had leant Larissa her car, figuring that she was probably being followed.

Mary and Des meet with Irene, suffering from Parkinson’s, and her husband in their garden, drinking margaritas.

Mary drops her daughters off at school in a rental car. Jess notices an envelope of cash in her mother’s purse when she’s getting her bag and tells Naomi that her mother’s a liar. Mary notices Ben and Frank in their car across the street and calls Ben to arrange a meeting.

They meet on the beach. Mary asks if she should file a police report about the stalker she feels is following her around all the time. Ben asks why she feels she’s above the law. She asks him why he deceives people for a living.

Mary meets with Annie at work and Annie admits the cop scare has her nervous. Mary gives her an out but Annie hands over another file for Morgan Lewis, 33, a Cystic Fibrosis patient.

Larissa questions Des about his shoulder wound and the detectives who questioned her. He comes clean and Larissa finds the truth about his and Mary’s activities a turn-on.

At the hospital, Mary attends an emergency gunshot victim in police custody and recognizes him as Grady’s muscle, Sid. She puts an oxygen mask on him when he recognizes her too and leaves the ER. Called to ICU, she joins her colleague in Matt’s room, the patient from “Bloody Mary” who needs a second surgery. Matt is worried about complications that might arise from another surgery and Mary tries to reassure him. Just then, his vitals go into crisis and they discover his wounds have reopened. They rush him into surgery.

Ben and Frank go through files of sudden deaths that may have connections to the hospital where Mary works. They find Troy Dixon’s file.

Mary checks in on Sid who is experiencing anxiety as cops wait to take him away for questioning. He says he remembers Mary from her visit to Grady’s but she denies that it was her.

Ben is questioning the coroner about Troy Dixon’s death. She insists that Dixon died of natural causes.

Mary spots Grady at the hospital and they have a talk about Sid. Grady wants Mary to get Sid out of the hospital and away from the police but she refuses. She goes to Des and demands they find a new supplier before sharing the file on the new patient.

Ben and Frank meet with Troy Dixon’s widow, Carly, to ask about the circumstances of Troy’s death. She doesn’t have anything to share and asks to leave but the detectives feel like she’s hiding something, possibly to protect the life insurance money Troy left her.

Matt’s wife Sonia asks Mary for advice on giving consent for more surgeries for Matt now that he’s on life support.

Jess believes her mother is a drug dealer and Naomi advises her to just keep quiet about it. Naomi convinces her to dine and dash on their food bill but the owner chases them out. Grady stops them outside and settles their bill for them. Afterwards, he phones Mary and texts her a picture of the girls.

Des and Mary collaborate to get Sid out of the hospital and away from police custody. Seeing a colleague walking towards Grady’s car, she jumps in and ends up riding with them to an isolated location when Grady reminds Sid of how his previous convictions make him a liability. Grady lets Mary go and she accidentally drops her phone as she gets out. When she realizes, she hears the gun shot and takes off running rather than retrieve her phone.

Mary returns to the hospital on foot in shock. Frank and Ben are there, questioning one of the hospital administrator about people Troy Dixon had contact with while he was at the hospital. Ben notices that Mary is distraught and gives her his personal phone number before she rushes away. Frank is concerned with Ben’s lack of objectivity.

Getting home, she sends the girls to Kevin’s for the weekend. She calls Des to meet her and blames him for everything that happened with Grady, Sid, and Jess that day. He argues that she has her own issues and storms off. Next, she checks in to a motel and calls Ben. He wants to talk and she asks if they can ever be honest with each other. They start kissing and stop talking.


Mary Kills People
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Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Mary: Y'know, I've been thinking about Irene. If my family had the gene, I'd want to know.
Des: No, I say wait for the symptoms. In the meantime, eat, shag, and be merry.

*knock, knock*
Des: I always thought Death knocked three times.
Mary: Guess you're safe. For now