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Mary and Ben share a cigarette the morning after spending the night together. They talk about addictions they can't give up and Ben gets a message from work. He warns Mary that if anyone finds out about their relationship, he'll probably lose his job and he won't be able to shield her from the repercussions either.

Des gets a hair cut and beard trim and expresses to his stylist that he feels like his life is finally beginning.

Nicole arrives at Mary's, sees her bed, and comes to the conclusion that her sister had sex the night before. Mary doesn't want to talk about it so Nicole tells her that Jess has shared that she knows Mary lied to her. Nicole counsels her to come clean but Mary's content to deal with it later.

At school, Naomi blows off her work-mates to discuss Jess with Heather. She tells Heather that Jess likes her a lot and their break-up was Naomi's drunken fault. 

Olivia's warehouse is bugged and the police are listening in as she conducts drug business in coded language. Ben's on listening duty when his supervisor comes to give him an update on the case against Mary Harris. His supervisor asks if he's sleeping with Mary which he denies. She doesn't buy it and also suspects that Mary had something to do with Travis Bloom's disappearance.

Des and Olivia meet up with Des' ex-girlfriend, Larissa, at a food truck where she reveals she's pregnant but it's not Des' baby. Also, she's engaged to a basketball player and her grandmother is suffering in the late stages of kidney failure. She'd like Des and Mary to take the case. They meet with Beth in a plant-filled conservatory and she takes her pento drink from the thermos they brought. Larissa holds her as she dies.

 Des and Mary discuss their personal fears about their situation. Des tells Mary to take the time she needs to think.

Mary goes home and finds Kevin in the kitchen. He tells her that he got the condo and wants custody of the girls because she's never home. He tells her that Jess asked him to take her and Cambie wants to be with her sister. Kevin asks again if he can take the fridge Olivia sent her.

Mary goes to talk to Jess and finds her with Heather where the two of them are making up. Mary talks to Jess in front of Heather and asks to take her out to dinner to talk things over. Heather convinces her to say yes.

At the warehouse, Olivia is notified that a delivery driver wants to see her personally. Ben is listening. Olivia thinks about it and takes a gun out of her desk to go meets the driver. Over the bug mic, Ben hears a gunshot and runs out of the listening center, calling for back-up.

The police raid the warehouse but can't find Olivia and her men aren't talking.

At dinner, Jess and Mary discuss the situation. Jess is adamant that she is moving in with her father. She tells Mary that all she does is try to make her feel guilty.

Des takes Nicole out for drinks. He shares their plans for a death retreat with her. She shares that she went with Mary to witness Estelle's death. She questions her mother's death and whether it was necessary. 

Jess and Mary discuss relationships and complications. When Jess presses her on the subject, Mary hesitates. Her phone rings and it's Maya, Olivia's daughter. She shows Mary that Olivia is lying bleeding from a gunshot and tells her that Olivia wants her, not the police or emergency services. Mary says she'll be there. She ditches Jess who drinks the last of her wine once she leaves.

Mary arrives at Olivia's house and finds Maya in the house. She leads her to Olivia lying poolside with a gut shot, bound badly. Olivia refuses to go to a hospital and insists that Mary perform surgery on her.

At the warehouse, Ben is told the search has been futile and his supervisor is pulling the plug.

Des brings Mary the supplies she needs for the surgery. Olivia injects her with pento to sedate her for surgery.

Jess gets drunk at home looking at the snowglobe Mary bought for Cambie. Heather finds her and declines the offer to drink. They talk and Jess tells her that Mary lied to her again at dinner, that she feels abused.

Mary and Des operate on Olivia and remove the bullet but she starts to bleed out profusely. They consider letting her die but decide to do their best to save her.

Olivia wakes up in her bed and tells Mary that Maya's nanny will be by in the morning. Olivia wants the bullet Mary extracted. She tells Mary that a cop came to her warehouse and that her suppliers found out.

Mary and Des agree that the situation is untenable. 

Mary drives to Ben's place. He kisses her and tells her he had a bad day. She says hers was bad too. When he notices blood on her, he says she should go first. She tells him that she's had a "Come to Jesus" moment and knows how he can nail Olivia.

Mary Kills People
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Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Remember to always love as deeply as you can.


Nicole: You sneaky little bitch. You got laid, didn't you?
Mary: I don't want to talk about it.
Nicole: The best part about bad sex is actually talking about it.
Mary: It wasn't bad. It was great. But it's complicated.
Nicole: Because of your side job?
Mary: And his day job.
Nicole: You're lovers... in a dangerous time.