Riding in Cars with Olivia - Mary Kills People
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Brendan and Germaine are shopping flowers for Brendan's farewell. When he has a moment of lightheadedness and needs a rest, he sees the marigolds and decides that they are perfect.

Mary and Annie discuss the investigation into Betty's death at the hospital. When Mary is questioned by Dr. Dunn, she questions him as to the point of the investigation. When he states that it is to prevent lawsuits, she resigns her position and leaves.

Heather and Jess discuss Naomi in the girls' washroom not realizing she's listening in. When they leave, she steps out and looks at her crying reflection.

Mary and Des perform a house call to see of Olivia's wound is healing. Mary's decides she wants a lifetime supply of pento in exchange for saving Olivia's life. Olivia comments that it's difficult to get and she's considering getting out of the business. Eventually, she agrees.

Mary and Des meet Ben at his trailer and discuss him arresting Olivia when she hands over the pento. Ben wants Mary to wear a wire which Des objects to but Mary agrees. As they walk away, Des decides that Ben is Mary's fatal flaw and vice versa.

At the school, Naomi grabs Jess' laptop and forces her to watch the video of Mary and Des meeting with Ben. Jess runs off and Heather points out that Naomi's just driven off the only friend she had left.

At the site of the death retreat, Nicole comes to Des and tells him she'll come in on the enterprise but only if it's put in her name and he and Mary remain silent partners. Des is excited she's on their team but then reveals that Mary is wearing a wire on a drug kingpin that day. He realizes Mary is his fatal flaw. Brendan and Germaine arrive to set up for Brendan's farewell. Nicole offers her services as a make-up artist.

At home, Mary comes across Jess watching the video. They finally clear the air about what Mary does.

Ben prepares Mary by attaching the wire to her thigh. Mary is nervous and Ben reassures her. They kiss just as his supervisor walks in to see if they're ready.

Mary meets Olivia at the warehouse but Olivia insists they get in her car and go somewhere to get the pento. Ben and his supervisor follow, listening in on the wire. Olivia talks about how Mary let Grady die and when Mary changes her story, Olivia gets suspicious and finds the wire. Mary uses the safe word she and Ben established but he decides not to respond immediately. Olivia pulls the car into a car wash to mask the sound and coerces Mary into agreeing to a story they'll tell the cops. When they emerge from the carwash, the police are waiting and they are put in two different squad cars to be interrogated.

Ben tells Mary that they heard what Olivia said about Grady's death and he knew it was true when he heard it. Mary sticks to the story she and Olivia established and they are released.

Preparations are moving forward with Brendan's farewell party. Nicole suggests calling the retreat "Joy's" and Mary thinks it's perfect. Olivia brings boxes of pento to Mary and lets her know that she kept a box for herself to take care of problems with. Mary opens the boxes and finds where a single box has been removed.

Ben returns to his trailer and pours himself a drink. Scenes of him alone and Brendan making his final farewell are interwoven. Jess assists with the procession to Brendan's final rest. Both men lie down after drinking their beverage and drift into unconsciousness.

Mary Kills People
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Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Death gives life meaning. Let's agree on that. Let's agree that life is precious because it ends.


Brendan: Marigolds. They're the flower of The Day of the Dead.
Germaine: Well, that's on point.
Brendan: They're perfect. It's okay, babe, I'm only dying.