Mary In Red - Mary Kills People
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Mary is attending the opera Madame Butterfly and sheds a tear as she watches the lovers embrace. During intermission, she is approached by a man who quotes a line of the opera at her. As the intermission ends, she hands him a glass of champagne and he passes her a program. Saluting her with the glass, he leaves for his seat. Mary watches from her seat as he times his death with the death of the titular character.

Mary visits Des at his apartment and asks about Olivia. Des is bitter and tells her that he has decided to start his own enterprise. They argue and she leaves with the pento he's willing to return to her. He reminds her of the death retreat idea they had talked about and she points out that that was never her dream.

Naomi and Jess are going through the box of possessions Louise asked Jess to return to Kevin. Mary comes home and finds a new refrigerator has been delivered, courtesy of Olivia. Naomi finds the memory stick and watches a video of Mary and Des meeting with Ben. She realizes what she's watching and keeps the memory stick.

Des and Annie meet at a lake and he is pitching his idea of a death retreat. She feeds him a patient's file.

Jess and Heather are discussing the nature of faith and Naomi approaches her, demanding the Jess hang out with her. Jess turns her down to hang out with Heather.

Mary's sister Nicole is doing her hair and Mary is convincing her to claim the income from the death patients as hairdressing revenues. She hands her a box containing two hundred thousand dollars cash. Nicole asks that she get to come along on the next death appointment. Mary protests but Nicole points out that she's seen a dead body before.

The doorbell rings and a delivery man tries to deliver a new kitchen range. Mary refuses to accept the delivery and wants him to take the fridge back as well. She slams the door and Nicole approaches to see if everything is okay. She still wants to come on an appointment in exchange for hiding Mary's income. Mary opens the door again and the delivery man has left, leaving the kitchen range on her front step.

Mary and Nicole meet with Estelle, a dying singer. Mary suggests that Nicole give Estelle a make-over.

Des meets with his first solo client, Josh. He's forgotten a champagne flute for the lethal dose and asks Josh for a drinking glass. Josh offers a glass tumbler decorated with rubber ducks.

Josh is dying of late stage bowel cancer and throws up while Des is making the preparations. Des suggests that they change locations as Josh's parents' living room is probably not the most relaxing place to die.

Nicole finishes Estelle's make-over and she looks amazing. They join her for her final toast and sit with her as she fades away, singing. Nicole has an emotion response to Estelle's passing and is reluctant to leave Estelle's body.

Des and Josh are in the backyard, Josh lying on the trampoline. They have a conversation and Des tries to counsel him to live a bit more before taking this step.

Nicole's having a hard time with Estelle's passing and a harder time with Mary's seeming lack of emotion about it. She thinks that Mary's moonlighting activity is related to their mother's death. 

Cambie, Jess, and Heather come home just before another appliance delivery. Mary tries to refuse the delivery but there's a threatening note on the invoice which Cambie asks about and Mary laughs it off as a joke.

Mary drives out to the Bloom appliance warehouse, meets the foreman Randal, and demands to see Olivia. Mary repeats her statement that she will not kill Olivia's husband. When Randal is unable to carry out an instruction for her, Olivia shoots him in the head. Mary agrees to follow Olivia's instructions. 

Jess and Heather have a heart-to-heart conversation and Heather confesses her attraction to Jess. 

Mary uses Olivia's key and alarm code to let herself into the house and spike the rum with pento. Olivia's husband, Travis, comes home and she has to hide. Watching through the aquarium, she sees him reach for the alcohol and then offer a drink to his companion who turns out to be Ben. 

Olivia meets with Des at the same restaurant they met at the first time. Des tries to talk her out of murder. She explains that she's having her husband killed as they speak and that Mary's doing the deed. After taking a facetime call from her daughter, Olivia throws her drink in Des' face and makes a big scene, whispering in his ear that he made a great alibi.

Back at the Bloom house, Mary watches as Ben, undercover as "Matt", gets Travis to admit to being a drug supplier. When he leaves the room without drinking his rum and Ben follows to investigate, she dumps the drink and steals the rum bottle. As she tries to sneak out, Ben catches up to her at the door.

Mary Kills People
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Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nicole: I'm just curious.
Mary: You know what curiousity did to the cat.
Nicole: That cat was so stupid.

Don't be afraid. Love does not kill. It is life itself and it shines with heavenly joys.