Teaming Up - Mary Kills People
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Mary meets Olivia as scheduled at the warehouse and reports that she killed Travis and disposed of the body. Olivia is unhappy there is no body to prove that Travis is actually dead but Mary swears he's dead and demands Olivia leave her alone now.

Mary leaves the warehouse and gets into her car. The poisoned bottle of rum is in her passenger seat. She drives off, throwing the bottle out of the car window.

Mary meets Ben at a motor home where they have Travis stashed, passed out on El Dorado. Mary tells Ben that she had been hired to murder Travis. Ben reveals that he knows the Olivia is Grady's sister. He tells Mary to leave Travis with him.

Kevin is making breakfast in the morning and offers to take Olivia's fridge with him when he moves out. When Mary realizes that the girls are staying home alone that night, she gets upset and Cambie offers to stay at a friend's house. Mary asks Jess to stay at Naomi's.

Travis wakes up handcuffed and guarded by Ivan, Ben's dog. Ben comes in and tells him that there's a hit out on him. 

Mary meets with Des and tells him everything. He wants to send Travis away to safeguard themselves and doesn't trust Ben to get the job done right.

At work, Mary loses a patient and her supervisor comments that she chose a safe option which is unusual for her. Annie finds her in their usual meeting spot but when she offers her a client, Mary says she doesn't want one. 

At school, Jess asks Heather if she can sleepover at her place. Naomi suggests instead that they throw a houseparty and Jess agrees to it when Heather shows interest and also to piss off her mother.

Mary lights up a cigarette in the hospital's smoking area and sits down next to Brendan and discusses his condition and treatments. He shares that he's living the life he has left to its fullest and plans to fly to Switzerland. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Brendan's good friend Germaine.

While Ben and Travis are talking, Olivia calls Travis' cell phone. Ben reminds him that Travis told him the previous night that he was "the connection" but he believes that Olivia actually runs the drug distribution business out of the Bloom Appliance warehouse. His theory is that Travis had been skimming off the business' profits and Olivia put the hit out on him because she found out. Travis agrees to talk but then tries to make a run for it. Ben catches him and secures him just as Mary drives up. Ben makes introductions.

Ben leaves Mary alone with Travis. She stitches him up and they discuss Olivia. Mary urges him to talk to Ben and get Olivia arrested.

Des is packing when Annie arrives. She notices that he's leaving and when he also declines the patient she's offering, she's upset that he's leaving her alone to deal with Mary's business.

Mary tells Ben about the man Olivia shot in the warehouse. He wants her to give the police a statement so he can go after Olivia for the murder.

Jess and Heather are listening to Naomi at the house party while she tells stories about things she and Jess did in the past. They tell Naomi that they're a couple now and when they get up to dance, she tries to join in but feels excluded. She notices Des arrive and go upstairs so she follows him. She finds him pulling out the shoebox of money (and a gun) from its hiding place. She flirts with him and when he tries to make an escape she gets super morose. He leaves and she collapses on the floor crying.

Ben is driving Travis, following Mary in her vehicle. They stop at a gas station. Mary tells Ben she's nervous about going in to the police. She leaves the store first and when Ben comes out, she's gone and she's taken Travis with her.

She takes Travis to Des and they offer him the money to leave and never come back.

Naomi is dressed in Mary's dress and singing to herself on the floor of Mary's bedroom. Jess finds her and Naomi starts telling her about the video but when she sees Heather in the doorway, she kisses Jess instead. Heather leaves and Jess gets mad at Naomi and leaves her on the floor.

Mary is supposed to be driving Travis to the bus station. She has the gun from the shoebox. She plans on killing him and he tries to talk her out of it. Suddenly, he stops talking and dies. She pulls off the road and Des arrives directly behind her. He had put pento in the beer Travis was drinking, knowing that Mary planned on shooting him. 

Jess is surveying the mess left behind from the house party when Mary arrives home. Mary doesn't say anything, just hugs Jess tightly.

Mary Kills People
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Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Olivia: Swear for me, Mary. Swear for me on your daughters' lives that you killed my husband.
Mary: I swear.
Olivia: Then we're good as gold.

You want to shoot people in your warehouse in front of witnesses, that's your choice. I'm not going to tell you how to run your business so don't tell me how to run mine.