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Virginia worries about Henry after receiving a letter from him stating that he is sick. Tessa gets suspended and spends time at the office helping out Betty. Daniel offers to help Virginia find out information about Henry. They get to know each other, and Virginia lets her guard down around him. Tessa figures out that her mom and Bill have been having a relationship. She acts out by hooking up with the same boy who forced her to do sexual acts on him.

Bill reads a self-help book on how to relate to other people and make friends. He buys Virginia a fur coat as a gesture of his appreciation. Bill also struggles to support his neighbor, who's wife had an aneurysm. Bill finally understands that Virginia can't go on the book tour, and offers her sympathy. 

Margaret has a new lover named Graham. They seek help from Bill and Virginia regarding their sex life. Barton sees Margaret at the office, since he is now working there. She goes to see Barton and explains that she needs to tell Graham about why their marriage ended so he can better understand her. Barton doesn't like the idea. Barton also chickens out on telling Judith about his homosexuality. Turns out that Margaret and Graham aren't the only ones in the relationship. Graham sleeps with other women. 

Libby lends her support to the neighbors after their tragic health crisis. She gets upset when Joy is simply dismissed as not being present. Libby sees the fur coat that Bill gave to Virginia. Turns out Bill got her a similar one earlier in their relationship. 

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Betty, is the exam room ready for Mr. Logan and his backup singers?


You have been audacious, tireless, dedicated, and brilliant, and it's only fitting that you should have a token of, well of my appreciation of you.