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The Galindo cartel plans to invade the rebels' camp but they end up at a decoy set up by the rebels. During that same time, EZ and Angel visit the rebel's hideout and EZ holds Cristobal for the first time.

Meanwhile, Emily is shaken after watching the rebels latest video which shows the man and his son Miguel had burned alive. She asks Dita to escort her to the square in the video. The two ladies arrive at the square but see no sign of Cristobal. While in bed, Miguel apologizes to his wife for putting her through all of this.  

The Galindo cartel breaks into an apartment with teenagers who have been selling drugs at Hidalgo Square and load them into a truck. One by one the cartel brings the kids into an abandoned building and cut the kid's hands as a symbol of their newfound loyalty to Galindo and the cartel. 

During a quick pit stop to the square by the rebels, one of the rebel children recruits a boy named Andres. She claims he needs their help. because his family was the ones the Galindo cartel burned alive. While at the camp, Andres is shown to have a scar on the palm of his hand, symbolizing that the boy is actually a Galindo cartel spy.  

The cartel sets up a meeting between the Mayans and the Chinese so they can let them know the cartel will be able to deliver. When the M.C. arrives at the casino, Angel meets up with fellow traitor, Jimmy, from the Chinese, to discuss the cartel and rebel business. While the Mayans wait for the Chinese at the casino, Coco almost gets caught counting cards and EZ has a brief confrontation with some local cops. 

During the meeting, Bishop promises the Chinese and the prison wards that Galindo's shipments will never be hijacked again. After the meeting concludes, the Chinese president toasts to new allies and no more traitors. Bishop goes on to shoot Jimmy leaving Angel stunned. 

Before they head out, Bishop encourages EZ to send a message to the cop from before. EZ listens to his president and punches the cop, making the Mayans very proud of their prospect. When they are alone, Bishop asks Alvarez why he didn't want the rest of his charter to know about the Chinese hit. Alvarez hinted to Bishop that there is someone in the M.C. that can't be trusted.  

While this is all happening, the Reyes family is mourning the loss of their mother/wife on the anniversary of her death. Filipe is reminded of it when Jimenez arrives with a Happy Anniversary card with a new number on it. He tells Filipe EZ needs to call real soon. After a tense conversation, EZ tells Angel it's been a hard day. Angel apologizes while EZ flashes back to seven years ago 

During EZ's interaction with a police officer at the casino, he's reminded of the worst day of his life. Seven years ago, EZ was chasing the person who killed his mom and ended up shooting a cop in the process. 

Filipe learns the Jimenez hired someone to follow and protect him. Filipe warns the young agent to stay away from him and his son. 

The Reyes family come together in the end. Filipe's sons fall asleep on the couch as he looks on proudly. 

Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

EZ: These douchebags here, know who they are?
Bartender: Local cops. Tip for shit.

Emily: What would you do if it was your son?
Dita: I would support my husband.
Emily: No. That's what you have to do, what would you want to do? I know you well enough Dita. A still tongue and idle hands aren't strategies in your maternal handbook.