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Emily and her son are kidnapped by a group of rebels. The rebels take the baby and kill Emily's driver before running off. 

The Mayans have been tasked with searching for a man named Louie. They arrive at his apartment building where Coco gets shot with toy bullets by a kid. The kid claims his father ran away because he thought the Mayans would kill him. 

The Mayans visit a close lady friend of Bishop's at the dog pound/drug addict infirmary and ask her if she knows anything regarding Louie's whereabouts. She has nothing but says she'll keep them posted. Louie ends up driving up to the dog pound just as the Mayans are leaving, a motorcycle/car chase ensues. 

Louie crashes his car. It's revealed that he uploaded a pornographic video of Coco's little sister online and didn't pay her enough for it. The Mayans agree not to kill him if he increases their profits from his business. After he agrees, Coco and the M.C. laugh and tell EZ that he doesn't even have a little sister. However, it is revealed that his mother is a prostitute. 

Miguel calls the M.C. and enlists their help in finding his son and the rebels. Angel and EZ are uneasy after finding this out and plan to talk to Adelita. Miguel is shown a viral video that has been released by the rebels that encourage others to join the resistance. 

One of Miguel's henchmen tells Miguel he heard the music of a local street vendor in the video and has him ready for questioning. The Mayans enter an enclosed space where Miguel is questioning and torturing the vendor. After a tense confrontation between EZ and Miguel, Miguel brings out the vendor's son. 

Angel tells Miguel that the Station Wagon that was used was spotted by the dog pound. The Galindo cartel accuses Bishop's friend at the dog pound of hiding a rebel. This leads to a massive brawl between the Mayans and the cartel. 

Emily begs Miguel not to retaliate so the rebels will give them their son back. Miguel's mother tells him the story of how her first child was kidnapped by a traitor in the cartel. Her and her husband to decided to let him go and three months later had another child. She encourages Miguel to do the same thing. 

Angel has a talk with Adelita and she assures him the baby is safe. She also worries about EZ's attachment to the baby because of his relationship with Emily. During this talk, they find the burned bodies of the streetcar vendor and his son. 

Emily visit's Felipe's shop to talk to EZ. She says she needs the truth from him because no one else will give it to her. EZ tells her about the bodies he found earlier. He also promises he won't let anything happen to the baby. 

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Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Emily: Miguel promised there would be no retaliation but then something happened. Something changed and now no one will even look me in the eye. I'm so sorry to put this on you EZ. I don't know who else to ask. If anything happens will you tell me?
EZ: It already has. Retaliation. Two innocents burned to death, dumped in Merchant Square.

Looks like a 45 Caliber Hasbro. You're lucky to be alive.