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The rebels are planning their next move against Galindo. Adelita writes down the coordinates of their location for her aid's use, but Andres sneaks a peak so he can share it with the cartel. Angel arrives at the camp with money and tells Adelita she needs to trust him. She agrees to tell him everything. 

During a trip to the market for their next delivery, Andres sneaks away from Adelita and uses a payphone to call Galindo. 

Coco's daughter stops by the scrapyard. He tells Angel and EZ who she is. Coco enlists EZ to watch her while he goes out on a run with the M.C. Leticia asks EZ to help her with something. She shows him a dead body in her car. A guy who tried to assault her in his truck. EZ comes up with a plan. 

Adelita calls Miguel with demands. She says if he meets them she will give him his son back. Miguel makes arrangements for his men to kill the rebels once he has his son in his arms. 

EZ and Leticia arrive at the truck stop. While there, EZ sees a car with a Wildcat sticker on it which was the same sticker the person who killed his mother had on their car. 

During their plan, EZ and Leticia get into an altercation with some local truckers. EZ calls Angel for help. The police end up chasing EZ because Leticia's car was stolen from her grandmother. EZ ends up in a police chase 

He ends up in a cornfield and uses a water pump to wash away the DNA evidence before hiding out and waiting for a good time to escape. 

At the scrapyard, Coco thanks EZ for doing what he did for Leticia. Coco and Leticia have a heart-to-heart and she tells him she doesn't need him to be her dad, she just needs someone who loves her in her life. 

Bishop and Tranq spot Coco with a girl and start questioning Chuckie. Chuckie admits that this girl is very important to Coco. The two are left wondering if the girl is Adelita. EZ who is washing up in the bathroom overhears the conversation. 

Miguel arrives at border patrol and crosses over to Mexico. He gets a call from Adelita who tells him where Cristobal is. As he comes back into the USA, Devante makes a phone call to the cartel. Yet, Miguel is stopped by an officer and is asked to follow her. 

The police ask him to hand over Cristobal and the blanket. The blanket is stuffed with drugs. 

Meanwhile, the cartel arrives at the location Andres told them about. Adelita and the rebels are on a rooftop a few blocks away from the cartel. She tells Andres she knows he is the mole. Mini pushes him off the roof. 

EZ tells Angel that Bishop thinks Coco's the mole. During that time, Coco and Leticia burn down the truck drivers truck. 

EZ locks up the scrapyard and while leaving runs into Lincoln Potter. 

Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

EZ: Adelita's picture has got to be everywhere. If she stays on the border, it's just a matter of time.
Angel: She won't get caught. She's smart.
EZ: If she doesn't tell you anything, how do you know she's smart?

EZ: Who the fuck is that?
Leticia: Albert.
EZ: Doesn't really paint the whole picture for me.