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A group of white supremacists kill a Mexican man at the US-Mexico border. Detective Antonia questions Bishop about the man after finding oxy in his pocket. After Bishop accuses her of looking past the white radicals, she reminds him of all she has look past for him and Galindo. Bishop promises to look into it. 

Alvarez has a talk with EZ about Angel. He tells EZ that if any problems arise with his brother, he is always welcome to talk to him and Bishop. Meanwhile, Chuckie goes to the shop and, gives Coco a note from a not so nice woman. 

Felipe gets another warning from an agent friend of Jiminez to get EZ to talk to them. Felipe tells him he's the one who didn't give EZ Jiminez's new phone number. 

Bishop and the M.C. pay a visit to the white supremacists' house. They confront the woman in charge, Alice who claims to no nothing. EZ knows one of the members of the group from when he was in prison, a military man. 

Emily shares the research she's done about the rebels with Miguel and his men. She encourages them to change their tactics and make the rebels look like the devil.

Adelita gives the baby to a nursemaid she knows, who agrees to take care of Cristobal. Andres, who infiltrated the rebels camp films the exchange between Adelita and the nursemaid and, sends the video to the cartel. 

The Mayans end up in a brawl with the white supremacists and come to the decision that they need to put these supremacists down before they cause any problems for Galindo. 

Jiminez is threatened by another detective that if he doesn't get EZ to start talking they will end the deal and throw him back in prison. EZ finally meets up with Jiminez. Jiminez goes on to tell EZ that he needs to convince Emily to turn on Miguel. EZ says he'd rather just go back to prison. 

Coco meets up with his mom and his sister, who turns out is his daughter. Coco tells her she can't be saying their related anymore as long as she continues to do porn. Coco's mom tells Laticia that she's Coco's daughter. She runs away and jumps into a truck drivers car after learning this. 

Jiminez warns Felipe that if he doesn't get EZ to talk, he will reveal that Felipe has been using a fake identity since 1985. Jiminez later gets sick to his stomach and starts vomiting after threatening his uncle. 

The Mayans prepare to take out the white supremacists but they end up being shot at first. Angel, EZ and a couple of others go after Alice's son while the rest of the M.C. go into the house. Alice's son reveals that military Cole killed everyone at the house. Angel ends up killing Alice's son. Coco, Gilly and, EZ is starting to question Angel's choices and end up falling through a tunnel when burying the body. 

Emily and Miguel attend the festival. Patrons of the festival find a nun's bludgeoned body at a nearby chapel as a part of their plan. Emily goes to see the damage she's caused. She ends up falling down and getting trampled while doing so. 

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Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Angel: What's up?
Coco: Nothing, just some crazy chick.
Gilly: She wrote you a note? Is she pregnant or infected?

Maybe you and the Peckerwood Patrol are just humble servants, trying to keep our borders safe. Or maybe you're just a bunch of fucking racist yahoos, gunning down kids with high powered rifles.