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E.Z. wakes up in the jail and exits.

He goes to his father to see if Gaby is with him, but he says he sent her home due to the injuries.

E.Z. goes to visit her but he quickly learns there's more going on when she says that she wants to leave town and be done with the darkness.

She says that there's more to life than fighting.

Steve tries to speak with E.Z. because he's struggling, but E.Z. brushes him off.

In the end, he was asked to become a full-fledged Mayan.

Steve killed himself when everyone least expected it.

E.Z. rushed back to Gaby and said that he would leave town with her.

Angel got closer to Nails after she revealed her pregnancy and they got engaged.

Coco rushed back up to Meth Mountain for Hope, but we learned that he was kidnapped and Isaac said he would take all hope away from him.

Miguel set out on a mission of revenge and put out a kill order on EZ.

He went home to kill Emily. He drugged her and pushed her under the bath water, but he later saved her life.

This all happened after Erin left the house.

Mayans M.C.
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