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There are big changes for the Santo Padre Charter, and E.Z. is adamant about being the key to the pipeline issues.

He's curious about what he could do to even the odds and get back in the good graces with everyone.

He's estranged from his family, and even on his birthday, Angel doesn't realize it's his birthday and showcases how difficult things are.

Miguel is working in Mexico and trying to broker some peace after what happened with Tomas and Emily.

EZ and his men show up with guns as a peace offering after the drugs are destroyed by an unknown person.

Miguel laughs in his face because the guns are from the cold war era, changing the narrative.

EZ has to think fast but he knows there's not much more he can do. Angel shows up in the dead of night with his nephew and EZ is shocked how far apart the two of them are.

Hope and Letty go inside to steal drugs and money from a dealer and they set his bird free after it has no food or water.

The sons are still trying to get revenge on the Mayans, but they know they have to bide their time.

Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Felipe: You need to tell him.
Adelita: I will.
Felipe: He'll find out sooner or later.

E.Z.: Did you forget what day it is?
Angel: What?
E.Z.: Does anything specific happen on this day every year?