Spilling Into Town - Mayor of Kingstown
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Tent City is fairly quiet, but the music suggests it's not going to be for long.

Three men pull a man from bed and beat him to death.

War inside means war outside.

A gang cruises up to a house with automatic weapons and opens fire, leaving destruction in their wake. People inside are still shooting when a girl comes outside after getting shot to call 911. While she's on the phone with 911, she's shot through the head.

Mike and Iris are on the boat when he hears the commotion. He calls Ian. They'll meet after he drops something off.

Mike tries finding help while he's on the road, but everyone's sleeping, including Kyle, who he calls to say he'll be dropping something off to watch. Kyle wonders if it's a dog. Iris says she doesn't need protection. Mike says she's just prolonging the inevitable since Kingstown isn't a city, it is a town, and nothing stays hidden in a town.

Kyle doesn't want to be responsible for Iris and doesn't need her creating trouble for his pregnant wife and mother.

Of course, Miriam says they have a guest and asks Tracy to take her up to the guest room.

Miriam doesn't ask questions. She just accepts.

Kyle tells Mike, I love you, but goddamn. That about sums it up.

Ian wants to lay the devastation at Bunny's feet, but Mike knows it wasn't his call. Evelyn prepares Mike for what's inside, assuring him he's never seen anything like this.

Nobody has seen anything like this.

It started as a drive-by but became an assassination. Welcome to the national news.

The weapon they find outside isn't a gang weapon. It's beyond any gang in Kingstown's capabilities.

They find one of the bangers, bleeding out, hidden. Mike wants to talk, hoping not to be shot. The kid says he can't shoot mike because he dropped his gun. His guts are falling out. He says he's fucked, and Mike agrees. Either way, he's fucked with two dozen dead people inside.

He says if people want to drive by, shooting fuckin' grandmothers and stuff, then they're ready to play. Mike says it only goes one way. It's lose-lose. Then the kid gets false courage, saying he ain't doing shit. But his eight-year-old sister was killed at a bus stop. Mike says that everyone at every bus stop will be killed if this is the way they want it to go.

The kid says he's dying. Mike agrees. Nobody ordered it, and that's the fuckin' problem. They're just warrin'. The kid stops talking.

Mike needs to talk to Bunny. Ian begs him to find an off switch, or the whole town will be locked down.

Evelyn isn't handling the scene well. Mike finds her crying by her car. She laments the job, saying, "people wonder why I don't have a boyfriend." Mike says she's single because she's smarter than everyone, and they know it. He calls her complicated when she laughs. After he gives her the pep talk, she reminds him that he's single too. For very different reasons, he says.

Bunny's place is locked down, so Mike tries the pebbles-at-the-window approach. It works. Bunny claims to know nothing. He's adamant, and it's hard not to believe him. Mike says they all need to sit down to talk outside about what happens when there are no leaders. Mike will handle the guards. The problem will be that the national guard will start patrolling, and they all now how that ends up.

Bunny wants Mike to be Switzerland. Mike doesn't want to be Switzerland. Mike says Bunny is really going to have to trust him. It's really going to sting, but when it's over, he won't have to hide out on the rooftop any longer. Bunny is sick of this. Every time he thinks it can't get worse, it does.

Mike will see Bunny in three hours and needs things to be status quo until then.

Evelyn is sleeping on the couch when Mike calls with his idea. He wants to get the leaders of all four gangs to her with felony possession of firearms. Then she's going to drop the charges so they can reinstate leadership inside. She thinks he's nuts but agrees to it.

Mike visits Kareem, who has been given the prison. He wants his help creating new leadership. Kareem's initial reaction is that he's in charge, and that's all that matters. Mike knows better.

Mike wonders if he's talked to anybody. Kareem wonders who he talks to about all this shit. Mike doesn't talk to anybody because he's got nothing to lose.

It doesn't begin well, with more weapons than necessary at the meet-n-greet. Kareem's number two is packing a lot of punch, but he stands down.

Bunny is the last one out, saying a king don't need do sword. If he was king, there wouldn't be a war.

Tough talk threatens events, but they can't close their big mouths, which is about the extent of it.

A guy from Grand Rapids is representing since there isn't anyone of merit to stand up for them.

Anything they come up with out here must go for the inside, too. Someone brings up the bagged meals, and Kareem says until they can move people inside again, it's all they've got. Then Evelyn shows up, and behind her, an army of officers. Mike tells them charges will be dropped as soon as they get their houses together inside. Bunny says that's cold and demands Mike stays to watch them get arrested.

Mike's next stop is to see Iris, who left out the window. Mike blames Miriam.

Kyle and his partner pull over a jeep Cherokee pulling a boat. The driver isn't stopping. Kyle is just annoyed. This guy is going to get killed. And he does. Now Kyle is in the wind without cover. There were two people in the driver's seat. Kyle's partner got a shot through the temple, and Kyle doesn't know where he is to get EMS there. Then he discovers a baby in the backseat and breaks down crying.

OMG. That poor baby.

Iris heads to the local church where Milo is in the basement. She tells him she has nowhere to go. She has no home. He offers his hand, and she puts her head in his lap. She's home now. What a waste.

A bus arrives at the prison, and Bunny emerges.


Mayor of Kingstown
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Everyone in this mother fucker's about to be a victim. You all show you, you mother fucker's gonna be victims, too.

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Problems don't get bigger than the hooker in our mother's living room, Mike.