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Amanda (and Riley)

She is poking around for hidden treasure when she walks, uninvited, into David's apartment and starts checking out the art on his walls.

When he tells her one of them is a Sydney Original, she's interested.

When he tells her Syd gave it to him shortly before she was killed, she's really interested.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Syd's painting is just that. Not what she was really looking for.

Meanwhile, Riley's business trip to D.C. ends with her kissing her boss. They play it off like it was a strange mistake.

Then Ben heads over to Melrose and breaks up with Amanda. He wants Riley and he tells her as much.

Amanda is having Ben followed and photos are taken of him and Riley kissing.

Then Amanda confronts Riley with the photos and tells Riley she crossed a line and considers it an affront. Riley feels terrible so she quits - him and her job.

Lauren and David

David is trying to get his life together. He's quit stealing from people, he admits Lauren that he has a kid who he thought was his brother, and even shows up to the hospital with takeout for his girl.

But Lauren's struck a deal with the evil Dr. Mancini so she dumps David.

Once David is set loose he rushes out and starts stealing from people again so he can buy Coal. But to do so he needs to rob a giant diamond and gets busted.

David's stealing from her very mean and powerful father, but his daughter simply doesn't care. In fact, the gal tells David that she'll let him walk - WITH the diamond - if he'll have sex with her.

Dad arrives and interrupts. Rain check?

David calls the gang to Coal to announce that he's the new owner and it's clear that everyone is wondering where he got the cash.

As he heads back to his home his helper from earlier awaits.

She caught his license plate as he left the crime scene nd she's ready to make good on their deal.

Jonah and Ella

Things are getting too domestic for Ella, so when Jonah confronts her about flirting with an agent at their doggy birthday party date.

She says a relationship might not be for her.

Jonah realizes that if he's going to have Ella he has to take her as she is, and you know what, he's okay with that.

Ella's a flirt and Jonah's a serial monogamist. SO be it.

Melrose Place
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