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The new version of Melrose Place is anything but a cheesy soap opera. This is a suspenseful, intriguing look at a series of unique characters, each well-defined by the time episode two concludes. With that in mind, here's a recap of "Nightingale."

Ella has a new boss at work, following the merger of her PR company. His name is Caleb Brewer and he's all business, firing people left and right - including Ella, until she promises she can sign a big actor named Jasper over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Lauren gets call from Toby, who tells her he has another friend will to pay for her sexual services. She's quite hesitant at first, but eventually gives in when her medical school threatens to kick her out unless tuition is paid. Her path is about to cross with Ella's...

... and with David's, who  goes to a party hosted by his former girlfriend in order to steal her watch. That's how this trust fund kid spends more of his time: acting as a thief of valuable possessions and then selling them off. He accomplishes his goal at the big shindig, as does Ella:

After being propositioned by Jasper, she takes him aside, has him drop his pants and then snaps a picture of his genitals. Gotcha! She then explains how any public outing is a chance for an actor to get into trouble, which later causes Jasper to sign with her and tell Caleb she's the most "ballsy" publicist he's ever met.

Lauren shows up at the party with her paying date, which is quite awkward, but she manages to make excuses about how they are actually a couple. Later in the night, after she sleeps with him, it's clear that this new gig is getting to Lauren. But, hey, it's also paying well!

In other storyline news: Riley and Jonah are jealous of one another's friendships. The former thinks Ella is trying to get in their way, while the latter thinks Riley and Auggie are too close. Jonah also sets up a surveillance camera that captures the pool area of the apartment complex.

But the main focus of the episode is Auggie and Violet. We learn that Auggie met Sydney at AA. They quickly became lovers and he admitted his dark past to her: in a bar fight years ago, caused by his tempter, Auggie's girlfriend was killed.

Also, as police question Auggie, we learn that he did see Sydney on the night of her death. She as doing drugs and drinking. They fought. She cut him int he back with a knife, which explains why he was seen last week burning his clothes.

Then, there's Violet: she gets a job at Auggie's restaurant when she dresses nice and slutty for the boss. Viewers also discover the major secret she's hiding: in a flashback, Violet confronts Sydney. She tells her that she's her daughter! She even stole a piece of hair while signing a lease and a DNA test proves it. Sydney denies this is possible and it pisses Violet off, big time. Enough to eventually murder her supposed mother? We'll need to tune in all season long and find out!

So far, Melrose Place is an engrossing drama that put its foot on the gas in the series premiere's opening few minutes and hasn't let up yet!

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Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I love you too much to see you fail.

Sydney [to Auggie]

Every time I close my eyes, she's looking at me.

Auggie [on Sydney]