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Last night's Melrose Place featured the following character developments ...


Nick Zano's character, the new tenant who moves into Auggie's old apartment, is the new doctor from Johns Hopkins that Lauren must show the ropes to.

Drew insinuates that Lauren doesn't like him because she doesn't think he's serious enough.

They banter awkwardly but energetically.

Jonah & Ella

Ella wants to get A-lister Owen Anderson to star in Jonah’s movie. She is happy to do extra work to help her lover/client.

When they meet up with Owen to discuss the flick he tells Jonah that he loves it and would love to meet the woman who inspired the character of Rachel. Riley actually shows up to meet with him and it all goes well until Jonah and Riley bicker.

Owen discovers that the romance is no more. So he’s out. Then, Riley tells Ella that Jonah is too good for her, and she believes her. Ella breaks up with Jonah ... or tries. He then decides to change the end of the movie. Owen agrees to read it.


Since she got fired in the middle of the school year, Riley can’t find a new teaching job. Somehow she gathers the courage to ask Amanda to ask her beau to get her a job with his company a software foundation that has something to do with education.

Ben agrees to fund her idea and hire her. ater, Ben invites Riley to go to Washington D.C. with him in his private jet, so they can check out one of the schools they are considering in person.


Vanessa contacts him from beyond the grave (via letter) to tell him that Michael isn’t Noah’s father after all, David is.

David marches down to his dad’s place and tells him that Noah is his son.


She's broke. Ms. Woodward’s financial guy stole $15 million from her. If she continues to borrow from WKP’s assets, the business will collapse. Panicked, she has shortness of breath and chest pains and thinks she is having a heart attack.

Dr. Michael Mancini tells her she’s having panic attacks and writes her prescription for some meds that will help. Or will they?!


She goes to make a payment on her tuition balance and discovers that an anonymous donor paid of the $16,000 she owed.

Instead of being psyched, she confronts Dr. Mancini and tells him she can’t accept it. He denies having given it to her.

Lauren puts in a call to Wendy to tell her that she’s done. But Wendy tells her that she owes her one last job and the good doctor reluctantly agrees. When Lauren shows up for her last trick, Dr. Michael Mancini opens the door.

He chastises her for being a hooker and he tells her that he wants to ruin David’s life. She must break David’s heart and break up with him ...or he’ll tell everyone he got a “house call” from Dr. Lauren!

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