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An old favorite returned to Melrose Place tonight - and she meant business!

Within seconds of the episode beginning, Jane Andrews walks into the courtyard, announces she is Sydney's sisters and says she was the new landlord. From there, Jane goes to Ella's apartment and tells the vixen Sydney had sent her all the threatening emails Ella had written. Unless the latter wants the police to see them, Emma will make sure Abby Douglas - a major actress - wears one of Jane's dresses to that week's movie premiere.

Jonah and Riley are actually attending this premiere, as well, because Jonah went to film school with the flick's writer.

Meanwhile, Auggie's restaurant is hosting the after-party and David actually volunteers to help serve food at the event. This kind gesture takes place soon after David has sex with some woman in his car, and notices a man following him.

Let's now take time out and go over Lauren's storyline from the hour: Toby - the dude from the pilot episode that originally offered her 5K for sex - texts and says he'll be in town. Would she like to meet up? Lauren says yes and goes to meet him at a hotel bar, only for Toby to text again and he missed his connecting flight.

Sitting alone now, Lauren is approached by a man that asks if she's working. She says yes, the pair goes upstairs and gets it on - but he then stiffs her on payment. He even shoves her against the wall. When a downtrodden Lauren goes back downstairs, she's approached by a woman that offers her services to Lauren if she chooses to remain in this line of work. Later in the episode, Lauren calls this woman and says, yes, she'd like her help. Time for a pimp!

Now, for Violet: the police come to speak with this supposed daughter of Sydney's, and she immediately flees through the window. Not exactly subtle. When the cops do eventually track her down - thanks to a phone call from Jane - Sydney tells them she is Sydney's offspring and that she ran for a different reason: Violet claims her step-parents in Oregon abused her and she stole some money to get out of there and come to L.A.

She later tells this same tale to Riley and Jonah, while also claiming Sydney was cool with the fact Violet was her daughter; the pair were just waiting for a good time to tell everyone else about it. (Liar!). Now, the entire building is aware of Violet's relationship with Sydney.

Back to the movie premiere, where a lot goes down: Riley helps Jonah meet the writer of the aforementioned film, and Jonah takes it from there. He makes a good impression and the guy says he'd love to see Jonah's original flick, Living in Reverse.

Also, at the after-party, David finds the guy that is still trailing him, assumes he was sent by his father and beats him up in front of everyone. This actually costs Auggie a promotion because he had vouched for his pal.

As for Jane's threat to Ella, it's tested. The up-and-coming actress refuses to wear Jane's dress as she's about to arrive at the premiere, resulting in Ella helping her find a new one. Jane says she'll therefore go to the police with Ella's emails, but David will have something to say about this. After Ella confides in him, he quickly takes care of it, telling Jane that he knows she burned down her clothing boutique for the insurance money. (Remember: David's father was married to Jane, after all; the guy knows stuff.)

With this information out there, Jane backs down - and, as a thank you to David, Ella takes him into her bedroom. Yeeeaaaah! But all doesn't end so well for Ella, despite the sex: at the conclusion of the episode, we see Jane on the phone, calling in an anonymous tip to the cops about Ella's shady relationship with Sydney.


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Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

My name is Jane Andrews. I'm Sydney's sister. I'll be your new landlord.


I have nothing to hide. I didn't murder Sydney.