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David is trying to fix things with Lauren but crazy Morgan wants dibs.

He chases after Lauren and they make up. Until Morgan's dad shows up to kick David's ass for stealing from him and hurting Morgan.

Morgan's dad threatens to spare David if he works for him as a thief! If he refuses, than Lauren will pay.

Lauren reveals to Drew that she was called to help him install another one of Mancini's heart valves in a patient, which Drew takes issue with.

Drew confronts Mancini about his faulty device, and while he appears to listen, he's always got a plan.

Security guards search Drew's locker and find oxycotin pills.

Lauren decides to make things right, telling everyone about the poisonous valve, and enraging Mancini beyond words.

Riley and Jonah decide to go to an NYU mixer as friends. Jonah wants Riley back, but she tells him he blew it.

Jonah confesses to Ella, who is not happy. They break up.


Riley he opens up about Jonah to Drew, who then confides that he's possibly gonna be dead soon, as he's got one of Mancini's heart valves himself.

Amanda talks to a Mr. Lao about bringing him the Sydney Andrews original. Then Sydney herself arrives, at least in Amanda's imagination.

Ella tries to butter up Amanda, but she has proof of her dalliance with David. Woodward smacks Ella AND fires her.

Ella stops by Riley's looking for Jonah, but instead spots the painting and Riley gives it to her. Tables? Turned.

Amanda breaks into Drew's apartment, but Ella catches her. In exchange for the painting, Ella wants her own PR firm and clients.

Amanda tries to turn the tables by saying she didn't read the fine print of the contract arranging this, but Ella turns them right back on her with photos of her with the stolen painting.

Amanda vows: "This war is just the beginning."

Melrose Place
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