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The Foxmeadows Burglars return for a repeat performance, a performance which forces the normally self-sufficient partnership of Hendricks and White to need additional assistance in the form of Keith Grant.

The eccentric Foxmeadows enthusiast lends valuable information to the duo in order to quickly apprehend the resurgent group's members.

Concurrently, Det. White experiments in fire-branding himself, uncharacteristically smiling and engaging in facials. It later comes out that it's not about rebranding himself, but the fact he's getting older and smarter and can't pursue cases like he used to. He is attempting to remedy that perceived shortcoming.

It turns out that this set of burglaries was carried out by a drug-addicted rich kid named Shane from the Foxmeadows neighborhood, taken advantage of by his drug counselor who masterminded the operation. Keith Grant returns to civilian life with the case finally solved, but doesnít leave the department without serenading Lt. Rice to B.B. King's "When It All Comes Down" on harmonica.

Memphis Beat
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Memphis Beat Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Dwight [referring to Whitehead's facial]: Is that why you've got that?
White: A smile? You ought to try it sometime Dwight.

White: That's exactly what this is, ought to give it a try.
Dwight: A facial? No thank you. I'll just keep mocking you for a while.