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A well-known Memphis movie theater burns down this week, prompting Rice to take on the case with Whitehead.

The Carver Theatre burns down, prompting the MPD into an investigation that stretches far beyond the silver screen and right into some very kinky territory. In order to aid it waning revenue,  the owner’s became host to some very unsavory after hours events, as Lt. Rice and White  come to discover over the course of the episode.

Dwight travels with his mother to Louisiana to speak at the hearing of Tim Mason, the man convicted of Dwight’s father’s murder. The trip is very emotional as both Dwight and his mother sort through their feelings about the lost loved one and the opportunity to let the man who took him away out on compassionate release.

In the end the two decide they won’t stand in the way of his release and let go of Tim Mason for good.

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Memphis Beat Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Why use a zippo when you have Cleopatra's lamp?


I appreciate you trying to put a front porch on this, but I'd like to get to why you're here.