A Wee Dram - Men In Kilts
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Sam and Graham fire up the RV. They're on the road.

They're quite poetic as they manifest their road trip before launching the "Here's how you know us" segment, in which they examine their characters, how they got to know each other, and the truth of Scotland that you can see in Outlander. Such as time travel.

They admit that as great as Outlander is, Scotland is better.

The national dish is Haggis, which almost sounds like an animal itself. But nope, it's heart, liver, and lungs cooked in the sheep's stomach.

Their road trip begins with food and drink, beginning in Edinburgh, where Sam grew up.

The Kitchin is their first stop, with Chef/Owner Tom Kitchin.

He's got scallops and a fresh Halibut. I've never seen scallops on the shell before! So big. Who knew?

Lobsters that were still swimming this morning.

Sam and Graham are salivating, always hungry.

Graham has the scallop baked in the shell which appears to have a breading around the creases, and it's magnificent!

Sam wonders why, with all the great seafood they have in Scotland, it's not more celebrated, but Tom assures him that they're definitely on the map.

Sam has the lobster, and they both follow with lamb.

They leave the comforts of the big city to go see the coastal bounty for themselves.

Graham had an almost religious experience, his taste buds still dancing when they're back on the road.

From wondering if Tom could have been anything other than a chef with his name to some fishing in Fife, with five fishing villages. Home of the first mate kicked out of the Rolling Stones.

The fisherman laughs. They got a great fit for Sam's gloves, a child's large.

The fishing captain is Captain Kirk Doig. They're trolling for shellfish. It's a seafood lover's dream.

Spain and France get the lion's share of Scotland's shellfish, although local restaurants also get it. Captain Kirk won't steal from the waters, tossing back anything too small so that the water remains plentiful.

He watches with a look of confusion and amusement on his face as Sam finds something gross in the batch, teasing Graham with it before tossing it over the edge.

Off to Tony Singh, the celebrity chef. A fellow who took some time with Sam and Graham to teach us how to make a couple of Scottish dishes before the premiere, too!

It's langoustines cooked outside with a very cool looking area. Sam and Graham star off into the distance, not lending much of a hand for Tony's terrific cooking. It's langoustines and chili seaweed butter. It's sweet and you taste the sea, they say.

Sam dances in joy while taking a bite, and Graham exclaims the food's magnificence.

By the time they're back on the road, Graham is pretty full. Sam thinks it's time for a wee dram.

Graham ponders the time, the daylight, and Sam's penchant for being a raging boozehound. They're off to Isley, home of ten distilleries producing smokey whiskeys along the rugged landscape.

Graham used to think Sam was bluffing about his knowledge of whiskey, but he wasn't. Sam laughs. As actors, they lie for a living. Sure, I can ride a horse. We can do anything they say. For this episode, Sam was born in a distillery.

Peat is imperative for smokey whiskey flavor, and they try their hand at digging some. It's not mud; it's thousands of years of decomposing vegetation.

They look good in the bog, their Scottish vests and caps as they tear apart the bog. Graham just feels bad taking another man's job. They should just get with the whiskey.

Sam and Graham bicycle to the distillery where a special surprise awaits them. They're all dressed up and taken to the place where they dry the barley. They really want to run into it and dive, and they do it, Graham giggling like a little boy.

They've found their home. It's so soft, like a bed. The process takes seven days. The sea just outside the window is let in every so often. He'll never drink a whiskey again without thinking of this moment. Seaside, they get their first sip of good whiskey.

They really loved the first leg of the journey. Graham is so happy they started with the food and drink. It put him in a really good mood.

Men In Kilts
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Men In Kilts Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Graham: Born in the crucible of our imagination, we have finally manifested
A TV Show
Men In Kilts.
Sam: Men.
Graham: Men. In.
Sam: In. Kilts.
Graham: Kilts.
Sam: A road trip with Sam and Graham.

Graham: A land that is cut through with locks and rivers and valleys and mountains that altogether weave like some kind of tartan kilt.
Sam: Oh, I knew you were going to go there. That was beautiful.
Graham: Into a beautiful fabric which is called Scotland.
Sam: Scotland!

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