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Reviews online say that Thoreau Chevy salesmen are terrible so Owen installs spy cameras in the test cars.  He finds out that the salesmen are terrible and confronts them.  The cameras also find that long time friend of Papa Thoreau, Bruce, has been stealing from the company, so Owen has to fire him.

Joe continues his new side bookie business and brings on a new customer that bets 5,000 dollars on a game.  Joe wins the bet, but the new guy won't pay up.  After getting up the courage to force it out of him, the new client breaks down and Joe gives him a break.  Joe realizes that this business isn't for him.

Erin is being awarded for 15 years as a teacher, so Terry wants to celebrate with her in style.  They get stuck in traffic on their way to the restaurant, and Erin really needs to go to the bathroom, so they turn around.  After the key to the house gets stuck in the lock, Erin wets herself.  Terry then asks her to move in with him and she says yes.


Men of a Certain Age
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Men of a Certain Age Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Terry: This still is our thing.
Joe: Okay fine. When she comes back I'm talking about my scrotum.

Joe: So if I got an issue with my, um, balls, she's okay hearing about that?
Terry: Do you have an issue with your balls?
Joe: I kinda do, yeah.