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Terry is still depressed because Erin dumped him, and it is effecting his work.  He attempts to steal a customer from Marcus, then backs a car into him, which leads to getting punched in the face.  The guys throw Terry a 50th birthday party, in which he picks up the 20 year old cater waitress.

Joe's golf game is in shambles, so his coach wants to fire him as a client.  Manfro is too sick to pick up money, so he send Joe to do it.  Once there, the customer wants to place a bet, so Joe takes it for Manfro.  His team ends up winning by two so Joe made 100 dollars.

Owen is doing well at home and the dealership.  Aside from telling numerous jokes, he also helps set up Terry's birthday party and attempts to help the birthday boy through his work problems.  Once Marcus blows up at Terry and quits, Owen demands that Terry stays on at the dealership.


Men of a Certain Age
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Men of a Certain Age Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

You do know what the internet is? That place where you re-order your Viagra.

Marcus (to Terry)

Don't you watch him drive away. I got everything you need right here. Watch me walk away.