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Joe wants to repaint the store, but his two best employees quit on him.  They wanted a raise because of the managerial duties they have been given due to Joe's absence.  Bill then comes by to pay Joe for his final bet, and then wants to make another one.  Joe declines, but Manfro then shows up after hearing about what Joe had been doing.  Manfro knocks his tooth out.

Thoreau Chevrolet is in the red so Owen needs something to get the business back in good shape.  He decides to give free car washes and shoot a new commercial.  He enlists Terry and his dad to do a brand new spot, but Terry doesn't like the way it turned out.  He takes the reins and directs a commercial-palooza with Lawrence as the starring actor.

Men of a Certain Age
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Men of a Certain Age Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Don't worry Mr. Joe. I have ten friends we call.


Owen: I'm going on fumes. No sleep again last night.
Joe: Work stuff? Or just peeing?