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A flashback to the end of a battle with demons. The bounty hunter is walking to Midnight with a demon. The angel kills the demon.

Creek is apparently living with Manfred now. She's dressed and ready to go to work, but Manfred tries to convince her to stay home and heal. Creek gets to the restaurant to do inventory.

The Rev and Fiji are in the back room talking about the demon.

Chuy arrives at home as Joe is painting. Chuy wants them to come clean about everything.

Xylda visits Manfred in the trailer. Manfred goes to the diner to work on his website. He talks with Fiji about Creek. 

The angel arrives at the church looking for Joe. She asks the Rev about him. He refuses to give up information. He tries fighting her and she takes him down. 

She leaves and Manfred sees her. He watches and calls Joe about the bounty hunter, Boey. chuy has a plan. The Bounty hunter breaks into the shop looking for Joe, but he's gone.

Joe and Chuy are hiding in Olivia's closet. Joe wants Manfred to go to Olivia's because the angel can read minds. She also apparently hates supernatural. Lem is not happy. Bobo is on his way. Fiji also shows up. 

Manfred is on his way to Olivia's when the angel comes walking down the street and he runs the other way and to his trailer. She wants to ask him some questions, but he fights her off and she leaves. His grandma had entered his head so she couldn't read him.

Everyone is there except for the Rev. Joe asks everyone for help. Joe tells everyone that Chuy is a demon and shares the story of how they met and fell in love. Chuy is only half demon. His mother is human.

Lem is not happy that they waited so long to tell the others, but Manfred wants to help because Joe saved Creek. Humans can't kill angels, but they come up with a plan to send Boey to hell. Joe tells the group all angels can read inner thoughts.

Fiji and Bobo talk about secrets. Bobo tells her he misses his family and that he loves her.

Olivia and Lem talk about her leaving when she gets old. She tells him she doesn't want to be turned. Lem acts like he's okay with it, but not really.

Joe tells Manfred he thinks it's not a coincidence Manfred ended up in Midnight.

Creek heads to church to pray about her family when she finds the Rev injured. She takes him to the diner but Boey is there using her power on Madonna. She lets Madonna go and grabs Creek for answers.

Manfred isn't too thrilled about being the chosen one. Boey calls Manfred and tell him he's got 30 minutes to tell her where Joe is or she's going to start killing people. Manfred wants Joe to surrender.

Boey orders Creek to get her a drink of whiskey and harasses her. She threatens to snap the Rev's neck, but stops. He figures out she's also a fallen angel and blames Joe for it. He arrives and calls her outside.

There's a confrontation and then Boey reads Manfred and learns that he thinks he's going to save the world. She continues to harasss when Joe comes and knocks her away. They start fighting. Chuy is watching and trying to keep his demon self down. Joe and Boey end up fighting in the church.

Chuy ends up giving in and attacks Boey to save Joe. Everyone runs. Chuy destroys Boey. Chuy attacks Lem. Lem tries to fight him when Manfred interferes. Joe tries to stop Chuy again using the light. Chuy comes back.

Chuy and Joe are at the diner with Creek and Manfred. Creek leaves. Fiji is helping the Rev. Chuy and Joe talk and they leave. Joe wants Manfred to stop by the studio so they can talk. Chuy apologizes to everyone before he leaves.

Manfred is at the studio looking at the painting. Joe still thinks Manfred is going to lead and army and seal the veil forever. Manfred doesn't believe it.

Fiji is upset and Bob tries to talk her down. Fiji is upset that Midnight isn't quiet anymore. He says he'll stay on the porch incase the demon returns.

Chuy tells Joe he's gotta go because he can't keep fighting the demon.

Manfred gets home and Creek apologizes and she talks about what's bothering her. She breaks up with him. Manfred bails Midnight.



Midnight, Texas
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