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Now: Manfred and Creek are running from something. Manfred is injured. They are about to kiss when something attacks the RV.

Then: Manfred won't go in the house because the demon is there and he heads back to the RV where his grandma is. They talk about Midnight, Texas and everything he's come across so far.  She tells them to tell the other Midnighters about him.

The rest of the Midnighters are meeting. They're talking about saving Bobo. Manfred shows up and tells them about his place. Fiji agrees to help.

At the police station, Bob is being questioned about Aubrey's death. Officer Gomez puts Bob in a cell with the Sons of Lucifer. They come at him with a message from Aubrey's husband, but Bob whips their asses.

The Rev goes into his cellar to prepare for the full moon. Olivia locks him in.

Fiji and Manfred and Joe go to his place to exorcize the ghosts and demons. He tells them that Aubrey is there and she tries to talk to him. He tells her about Bobo. He lets her borrow his body to show him what happened. Joe and Fiji take Manfred out of the house when he starts choking on water after seeing what Aubrey saw which wasn't much. He's at Fiji's house napping.He tells Fiji that a biker killed Aubrey. Fiji wants Manfred to tell the cops about what he saw.

While Manfred goes to the station, Fiji plans to go to Manfred's house to exorcise it.

Joe is going to take Manfred to the police station. His boyfriend comes out with a feather. The boyfriend is concerned he's going to be seen. Joe leaves. 

Manfred is at the gas station when Creek comes out and starts talking. Creek's dad is not happy. Manfred goes to the station and tells Livingston what he knows about Aubrey's death. Livingston doesn't really believe him. He thinks Manfred might have killed her,  Joe convinces Livingston he hasn't.

Joe and Manfred are driving home while Livingston checks out Manfred's story. 

Livingston suspends Gomez for putting Bobo with the Sons of Lucifer. She tells Livingston the Midnighters are dangerous and he knows it.

The Rev starts changing in the cellar.

Manfred is back with Fiji at his place helping with the exorcism. Manfred leaves while Fiji continues the exorcism because the spirits are circling him.

gomez arrives at The Rev's house and hears what's going on in the cellar. She breaks the chain and goes inside. Stupid woman. The Rev has turned into a tiger and attacks her. Manfred hears the noise and investigates and finds a dead person in the trees.

Manfred goes into the diner and tells the girl at the counter that no one should leave. Manfred heads out looking for Creek. She's at the gas station while the tiger is roaming the streets. Manfred heads to the gas station and we're back at the beginning of the hour when he's attacked by the tiger.

Lem visits Olivia who's cleaning his swords. Lem smells blood. They leave to investigate and find the tiger. Olivia goes to her stash and gets a big gun to deal with The Rev's form while the lady from the diner fixes up Manfred.

Manfred looks across the street and sees his house is in full exorcism mode.It appears the exorcism was successful, but the floor monster is still in the house. It's calling for Fiji and throws Manfred out of the house.  He gets back in and finds that she is being tossed around by the demon. She begs for help, but he needs help and goes back to the RV for his great grandmother's skull. It works, but the skull is destroyed.

She wants to go home but Manfred tells him about The Rev. The head out to look for him. Lem and Olivia arrive and Lem is able to control The Rev. The Rev returns to his normal form at sun up. He's upset because he knows what he did.

Joe watches from his window.

Bobo leaves jail. Livingston tells him about what he found from the information Manfred gave him. He shows him a picture of the suspect and tells him to call if he sees him.

The Rev buries Officer Gomez when Olivia stops by.  He talks about something being different.

The demon has followed Fiji to her home. It's in the mirror. Bobo shows up and the demon goes away.

Livingston gets in his car and it blows up when he turns the ignition. The Sons of Lucifer are to blame. It looks like Lowry.

Joe is talking to his boyfriend about a supernatural uprising.

Bobo brings a gift to Manfred. Manfred tells him about Aubrey. Creek shows up and Bobo leaves. Creek and Manfred finally kiss.

Back at Joe's place, Joe says that Manfred is the key to keeping the end of the world at bay...from the demons taking over.




Midnight, Texas
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