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A guy picks up a girl on the side of the road. They drive for a bit then she asks him to pull over and they make out except she attacks him by eating him.

Creek and Manfred are enjoying a shower together and they talk about keeping their relationship secret from her dad.

Fiji invites Bobo over for dinner when a woman comes in looking for a Rolex from the guy in the Cadillac. He's missing.

Manfred is in the the RV with Zelda talking about Hightower who has left many messages for Manfred. He's getting closer. The woman knocks on the RV door wanting him to help her find her brother.

Olivia is going on a job and Fiji talks about Bobo. Olivia has another hidden room with outfits and wigs. She pulls something out for Fiji to wear to her dinner with Bobo.

Manfred sees the brother and he tells Manfred what happened.

The girl is on the side of the street with the Cadillac and another guy pulls up. She takes him to the bathroom and eats him.

Olivia lands at her job and put a knife to her soon to be victim's neck in the elevator. She does her job and leaves dressed in another outfit.

Manfred is at a strip club asking about the blonde.

Olivia approaches a guy outside who is following her.She injects him with something and gets in his car. 

Bobo calls Fiji who is dressed to kill and getting ready for dinner. Bobo walks into his house and sees that it's been ransacked and a Nazi sign has been drawn on the wall. He runs out.

Olivia returns home and Lem comes out to meet her. Olivia lets the guy go but before he leaves she tells him her story.

Creek and Connor are at the diner talking about the succubus. He doesn't want her to tell her father. Joe and his boyfriend are sitting at a booth talking about the veil. What happened to the Rev this hour and why hasn't Joe told anyone else about the veil to warn them.

Manfred tells the Ted's sister (the first succubus victim) about what happened to her brother. She gives him a $5000 check. Creek show up and they go inside.

Fiji is cleaning up from dinner when Bobo stops by. He tells her how he feels and they kiss - finally. 

Manfred finds the red Cadillac with blood all over the seat and the green car from the other guy the thing ate. He hears something in the bathroom and goes in with his bat. He finds the girl cleaning up herself. The thing shows herself and he escapes. 

The talking cat taunts Fiji for Bobo not showing up. Bobo calls and cancels when there's a knock at the door. It's Manfred. He gathers the group to tell them about the monster from the rest stop. Lem tells them it's a succubus. 

The group comes up with a plan to stop the succubus.

Olivia is torturing the guy she took home. She finds out that her father hired him to follow her.

Fiji makes her succubus juice and Creek tells the group where she thinks they can find her.

The guy tells Olivia why she's following him when Lem shows up. Olivia is upset and Lem feeds off her negative energy. Lem tells her about the job and they leave to go to the bar.

The group arrives. Bobo is at the bar and Fiji sees him. He goes into a back room and is looking for Lowry. Fiji goes into the room and saves Bobo from killing the guy. 

Manfred thinks he sees the woman but makes a mistake and the guy isn't too happy about him touching his girl. Then he tells him he understands after Manfred feeds him a BS story.

Olivia is doing the dance while looking for the woman. Joe and his boyfriend look for the succubus, so does Lem who is at the bar.

They are coming up empty handed. Creek asks Manfred about the strip club. She's mad that he didn't invite her then she sees her brother walk into the bar. He's only 17 and sends him out the door. She follows and yells at him and then sees the succubus. She sends her brother away and texts Manfred. Creek is able to spray some of Fiji's concoction into her mouth and Lem takes her away somewhere. The rest of the team arrives and the succubus loses her glamour. 

The succubus gets away then Connor cries out for help. The succubus is after the sound. Connor is hiding behind a tree when the succubus finds him. The group finds him and tries to talk her out of eating Connor when Manfred shows up and burns the succubus to death.

Olivia goes back to her place and her prisoner.






Midnight, Texas
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