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Somewhere a den attacks a priest and takes off his face and uses it as his own. He puts the body in the van.

Xylda and Manfred are driving. Manfred is popping more pills. She tries to convince him to go back and tells him that it's his destiny. She tells him she had a vision before she died.

Lem and Olivia are in bed. Lem is trying to feed off the energy of Olivia and she's had enough. They talk. Olivia goes to the restaurant to see how Creek is doing. Creek tells Olivia that she separated herself from Manfred. Then she goes and talks to the Rev who is eating a raw steak. He's supposed to be a vegetarian.

Fiji is visited by the demon. She's losing her mind. Someone bangs on the door. It's Janice. She asks Fiji for help because she's sad.

Back in the RV, Manfred keeps driving. He's planning on driving to Vegas. He has a flashback to his youth when Manfred was being bullied and Xylda put a gypsy curse on the kids teasing him. Manfred was playing ball with spirits and everyone thought he was crazy. She tells Manfred that his mother isn't coming back because she wants him to be with someone who understands what he sees.

Manfred's RV breaks down. He goes out and screams.

Fiji finishes with Janice. Janice comments on a set of knives. Fiji goes out and gets more herbs for Janice. Bobo sees the woman with a knife. She's about to stab herself, but Fiji uses magic to take the knife from her.

Manfred is having a temper tantrum.

Janice goes to the church with Fiji and tells her about the voice she's hearing that is telling her to die. Her husband comes to get her.

Fiji tells Bobo, the Rev, and Olivia about the demon haunting her and Janice. Fiji tells them she's going to put a stop to the demon.

Olivia gives Bobo a handful of silver bullets that can kill vampires and werewolves. Olivia thinks that maybe Manfred had the right idea.

Creek gets home and finds an envelope addressed to her. It's the deed to her dad's land.

Manfred is walking back to find the gas station he saw earlier.

Meanwhile, a trucker stops to help the demon priest who is stopped on the side of the road. The demon priest kills the trucker and we pan to see the van full of dead bodies. He's been killing along the way.

Lem is having problems. He's tempted by her blood but resists. He asks Creek how being back at work is. She tells them that her dad left town and asks for them for help. She wants Lem to leech away Creek's pain. Olivia says no. Lem is angry that Olivia spoke for her. They argue about Olivia telling him she's going to be leaving at some point. 

Manfred is still walking and having withdrawal from no drugs. He passes out on the side of the road and has another flashback. He's older now and Xylda is sick in bed. She's full of cancer. She's going to drink and kill herself.

Xylda wakes up Manny from the side of the road and tells him about her vision the night she died. That he was the only one who was able to stop it. She convinces him to go back to Midnight. She's no longer tethered to the RV and now has to leave this earth. 

His ride shows up -- the demon truck. Manfred sees the faceless people the demon killed. The demon is now the trucker guy. Manfred tells the trucker he knows what's going on. They fight and Manfred jumps out of the truck. The trucker chases after him.

Olivia and Lem talk about the veil. He feeds off her energy but is again tempted by her blood. She burns him with silver before he does.

At Fiji's place she's working on a potion.

The demon is looking for Manfred, but he's gone so the demon takes off. Manfred is hiding in the back of the truck with the dead people. Manfred looks for a phone and finds one that's working. He calls Fiji. He warns her about the demon. She tells him about Janice and he asks about Creek. She's vulnerable like the big bad demon likes. Fiji tries to call her, but she doesn't answer.

Olivia is pacing. She's keeping an eye on Lem.They argue again about her not wanting to turn. Lem gets too close and Olivia stabs him. Lem can't control his anger and chases her. She locks herself in the safe room.

The truck arrives in Midnight and the demon dumps all the bodies, including Manfred who plays dead. 

Creek thinks she should die and tries to slit her throat, but Manfred stops her in time. Fiji shows up and they work together to control Creek. Fiji gives her a potion.

Fiji tells Manfred they need to get to the others to get them the potion before it's too late. Lem is after Olivia nd breaks down the outer door. He knows she's hiding in the safe room and she's waiting for him. They fight. her hair is shorter. He doesn't understand why she doesn't want to be turned. She can't fight him off anymore. He gains the upper hand. He knocks her into the bathtub when Manfred comes in and throws some potion on him. He apologizes to Oliva but she's not happy. She tells him to back off.

Manfred tells them they need to take care of something and they need to come with him.

The demon is performing a ritual, but the Midnighters stop him. The demon tells them about Kokonar who shows up and does the human sacrifice the demon couldn't finish. The demon grabs hold of Fiji while Manfred calls on the spirits to help them and they do. The demon goes away and so does Kokonar.

Bobo visits with Fiji. She's not doing okay. She's worried about Kokonar. He promises to protect her.

Creek visits Manfred. He tells her about Xylda. They talk and Manfred tells her he's decided to stay and fight for Midnight.









Midnight, Texas
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