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Fiji and Jeremy are walking back to Midnight while the team is in a bus on their way back to save Fiji. They are putting together a plan to defeat the demons.

Everyone is frightened about what is going to happen.

Jeremy tells Fiji to prepare herself for Kokonar. She has demon guards protecting her while she gets ready to be his bride.

The team ditches the Van and heads out on foot. The get to Midnight. The first battle begins with the spirit demons. They are trying to get to the pawn shop because Manfred needs some stuff.

Creek and Bobo get to Fiji's house while Olivia is at the church tower shooting at the demons. When she's done she runs to Fiji's place and gets attacked by a demon who burns a hole in her stomach.

Manfred is at the pawn shop listening to spirits while trying to find tools to use against the demons and Kokonar. Joe and Lem are with him. Manfred needs to find something evil to fight evil. They try to help Manfred find what he needs.

Fiji is working on a potion to cure Olivia. Manfred calls Creek and Olivia tells them not to say anything about her condition.

Lem finds the evil things Manfred needs and he checks each one. Lem wants to know how he's going to use evil and Manfred says he's going to let evil hijack him.

He wants to give Manfred some of his blood to make him stronger. Manfred finds an evil doll and it seems like he's going to use that.

Olivia isn't doing too well. She needs a hospital and Bobo goes to get the car.

The Rev and Joe talk about the battle.

Bob gets the car and they take Olivia to it. Creek and Olivia head to the hospital. Bobo stays with Fiji.

The Rev wants everyone in the church but Lem doesn't think he can go in there. The Rev tells him he can help with that.

Fiji works on another spell and tells Bobo what she's going to do to fight Kokonar. Bobo doesn't want her to do anything. She says she's going to give herself to him and kill him in the process. She tells Bobo about Jeremy.

Manfred works on getting possessed while Joe and Lem watch. The Rev goes into the cellar because it's going to be a full moon.

Creek is rushing Olivia to the hospital. Olivia tells Creek to give a Lem a message that she would've come back to him. Manfred makes a deal with the evil spirits to help him fight the demons,

Bobo suggests that instead of her giving Kokonar a virgin bride that she has sex with him instead. He tells her he's in love with her. She tells him how she imagined they would do the deed. A romantic lead up to sex. They start kissing. 

The spirit demons get the sacrifice site ready while Fiji and Bobo proceed to get it on. Kokonar arrives at the sacrifice site and tells the spirits to bring Fiji. Manfred conronts Kokonar and starts to fight him while the spirits head to Fiji's. Joe is there to fight the spirits. Meanwhile, Bobo and Fiji continue their exploration of each other. Fiji is worried she'll hurt Bobo. He's not worried.

As they begin to make love, things change. Kokonar is unhappy. He knows what she's done. Kokonar goes on a rampage and makes Mafred his main target.. Lem brings Manfred another evil object and he gains greater power to fight Kokonar. He's got flames bursting out of his hands. It's like a General Palpatine fight.

Manfred defeats Kokonar. At least it seems like it. Manfred gets the evil spirits out of him and Hell closes up. Bobo tells Lem about Olivia. She's ina bad place right now. now. Manfred and Bobo arrive at the hospital. Lem goes into the room, burning flesh. He gives her some of his blood which gives her strength. The lady from the diner is calling Olivia's dad and tells him she's going to be fine.

Creek and Manfred talk about what happened.

A week later, Lev and Olivia are being married.  It's a happy ending for everyone. The next morning Manfred gets up and takes some aspirin. His ear is bleeding. The house starts shaking. A construction crew arrives in Midnight. Apparently, the hotel in town is going to be renovated by a big hotel chain.





Midnight, Texas
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