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Thre's a knock on Manfred's door, but somebody threw a rock. He finds a pop up musical toy on his porch with a message to meet someone at 10. He thinks it's from Hightower. He's talking with Xylda who tells him to ask for help in dealing with Hightower.

Fiji and Bobo are making out..she wants to make breakfast when he hears motorcycles and runs out into the street. The Sons of Lucifer blows up his store. Everyone runs out to see what happened. Apparently, Lem and Olivia are still in the store. The team stops the fire. 

The cat talks and tells Bobo that the Sons of Lucifer took Fiji. Then he gets a call from Lowry about Fiji. Lowry wants things in order for him to give Fiji back. They have her drugged up. What weapon Lowry wants is unknown.

Manfred visits with Creek and asks her to leave Midnight with him. She wants to know why he's running and he tells her his lie about Hightower. She's not going anywhere.

Bob is putting money into a bag when Manfred brings in jewels to sell. He wants 20k, but Bobo gives him 15k.

Fiji wakes up and sees she's locked in a trailer underground.

Bobo gets a call from Lowry on where to meet. Lem is there and wants to know what Lowry wants from Bobo. Creek asks Olivia to help Manfred with his problem.

Bobo takes Lem to his basement and shows him what he's hiding -- his family was white supremacists.

Meanwhile, Manfred meets Hightower at his location with the money he got.

Bobo continues to tell Lem about his past. Bobo wants to go alone, but Lem won't let him.

Olivia shows up at the warehouse and tells him Creek sent her. She's going to help him for saving her from the vampires. They search the warehouse together looking for Hightower and come across a red hooded figure that isn't moving. It's a skeleton that Manfred says is Violet, Hightower's daughter. Turns out that Manfred and Violet were engaged and Manfred left her at the alter.

Hightower has black magic powers and takes their guns. Manfred and Olivia run. Manfred and Olivia end up at the RV and he tells her the whole truth. Creek isn't happy and leaves.

Bobo goes to the crossroads and meets with the Sons of Lucifer. They don't have Fiji but will take him to her after they beat him up which they proceed to do.

But Lem is hiding and watching. Hightower takes Olivia hostage and she leads him to a room where she and Manfred overtake Hightower. They chain him up.

The Sons of Lucifer bring Bobo to where Fiji is. Lem is still hiding under the truck. Lowry and Bobo talk about Aubrey.

Manfred goes into the room to talk to Hightower as Olivia listens from outside. Suddenly Creek shows up. She wants to talk to Manfred.

After seeing that Lowry turned everything over, he takes Bobo to Fiji.

Hightower takes Manfred to the warehouse and locks him in with Violet to do what he promised Hightower he'd do.

Bobo takes the patch off Fiji. Lowry and Bobo argue about Aubrey again. Lowry tells Fiji that Bobo used to be one of them - a white supremacist. Lowry locks Bobo in the trailer with Fiji then Lem attacks. Bobo tries to break them out of the trailer but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Manfred seeks the ghost of Violet who shows up and they talk. She wants to know where her father is. Apparently she didn't kill herself.

Fiji creates an air bubble for them to share and on the ground, the SOL fight back against Lem. They can't stop him. 

Manfred proves to Hightower that he's talking to Violet. Violet is not happy with her dad and wants him to rot in hell.

Fiji and Bobo are about to kiss when Lem shows up and saves them. Bobo is going to blow up all the weapons when Lowry stops him. They fight and Bobo ends up stabbing Lowry. He gets another grenade and blows up all the weapons as he, Fiji and Lem drive away.

Hightower wants to know what Violet is saying, but it's not good. Manfred tries to convince her to forgive her father so she can untether from earth, but she has other plans and takes over Manfred's body. She confronts her father and tries to kill him. Manfred fights her and saves Hightowe who isn't happy because he didn't get what he wanted and kills himself.

Olivia is not happy about Lem. They tell each other they love one another. Bobo visits Fiji and tells her stories about his past. Fiji needs time to think about their relationship.

Creek and Manfred get back together. 

The veil is cracking and the crack heads straight for Manfred's place.






Midnight, Texas
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