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Lem is having a dream about Olivia being pregnant. He's at a bar talking to Joe. It was her dream he saw.

Olivia wakes up and Lem has changed. He's standing by a window in the sunlight. He became a human via Kai so he could give her a child.

She's not happy.

Manfred and Patience wake up in bed together. She gets a message from Kai that he's back in town. She wants them to continue their affair.

Fiji brings dog Bobo to the diner. Everyone seems pretty okay with Bobo's new form.

Lem walks in with sunglasses and shows off his new eyes. They're all a little shocked except for Joe who's happy for him.

Lem is Lem but he's different.

Fiji is researching witches on the internet for help in dealing with the Bobo situation. She gets kicked out of the forum.

Olivia is looking at stuff from her childhood when Lem comes home from a shopping trip. He bought a bunch of baby stuff. She's freaked out by it and doesn't want to have a baby.

Patience and Manfred are in the hotel's somewhere making out when there's a scream. Some woman on Kai's team committed suicide. Manfred does his thing to find out why she killed herself. Her name is Sequoia. Manfred doesn't find any answers.

Olivia learns that Madonna is working for her father and she's not happy. Her and Madonna go at it. Olivia learns that her father wanted her blood. It's over between them.

When Fiji gets home she finds a witch in her house. Her name is Celeste and she found Fiji from the Delilah website.

Olivia tells Lem what's going on . She's going to kill her father.

Manfred tells Joe about Sequoia. Some invisible being was spying on them.

When Lem and Olivia break into her father's house they see a little girl. It's her. It's weird. Her dad shows up and she punches him. He calls her Livvy. He mom is alive too.

Manfred is actually hugging Patience in the hotel and someone sees them.

Olivia's dad tells her how he was able to recreate the family again using magic. Olivia doesn't want to leave. She wants to talk to her mom.

Manfred is going into Kai's office while Joe is on lookout but Manfred sees a room with paint like the paint they sprayed on the spy and goes into that room to investigate. The other girl was the murderer of Sequoia. She has invisibility spells and knows about Manfred and Patience. He kills her.

Fiji learns that she is a dark witch. Celeste brings Bobo back with a protective cloaking spell.

Phillip is doing some more magic spells. Lem wants to leave but Olivia is in a weird spell. She doesn't want to leave because it's Christmas.

Fiji tells Bobo what's going on. He's safe for 4 hours.

Lem calls Fiji about what's happening when Phillip knocks him out.

Manfred tells Kai and Patience about the murderer and he wants answers from Kai.

Phillip has tied up Lem at the dinner table. He tries to talk to Olivia to get her to break the spell. Things get really weird at Olivia's house.

Fiji and Bobo go to the diner and ask Madonna about Olivia and what's happening with her. The trio shows up at Phillip's house. Fiji works a spell, Bobo knocks out Phillip, Lem tries to talk to Olivia. Fiji's spell isn't working and she lets the darkness take her in order to break the spell which finally works.

The first thing Olivia notices is the Christmas sweater she's got on.

the ghosts disappear and Figi goes back to normal.

Olivia goes off on her dad about being a crappy father. He wants her to kill him and she says no and leaves.

Madonna is packing up her car and leaves Midnight.

Fiji is kind of excited that dark magic saved Lem and Olivia. She wants to use dark magic to save Bobo.

Kai hs all his monster essences stored in a jukebox. Manfred figures out what Sequoia was trying to tell him. Manfred spies on Kai and learns about the jukebox.



















Midnight, Texas
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