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A pregnant woman is driving and heads to the chuch. She's trying to write something but the baby is coming and her belly explodes. Lem feels something and heads to the church where he finds 'Mary".

Manfred and Patience are having drinks at the bar and the tell each other about their lives. Lem gets a call to head to the church. Everyone is there when Patience and Manfred show up.

The baby becomes a toddler right before their eyes. It turns out the girl is a weretiger.

Lem and Olivia talk about kids. Lem wants them, Olivia's not so much.

Fiji is at home, smelling Bobo's shirt as she packs his clothes. The cat talks to her about her lying to Bobo. Bobo ends up outside her shop with a radio. He's not giving up, but she puts his bag outside the door. He wants to know the truth and she just tells him it's over. He's still not giving up.

Manfred and Patience check out the dead woman's pickup truck. They find a picture and think it might be the woman's dad.

Outside city limits, a couple of guys pull guns out of their car to go weretiger hunting.

Olivia is playing mom to Mary and she's not having a good time. She goes to talk to Lem in his coffin as the girl grows some more. She's now a t-shirt. Olivia gives her some of her clothes to wear.

Mary asks questions about why she's growing so fast and about her mom. Olivia is trying the best she can.

Fiji heads to the bar to talk to Bobo about uncoupling. He still isn't going to give up. She brings him coffee and she must've put something in it. He's becoming forgetful and eventually doesn't even know who she is.

Manfred breaks into a lockbox on the truck and finds shock collars. The two guys approach while Manfred and Patience hide under the truck.

Olivia can't find Mary as she gets a call from Manfred warning her about the guys. Mary's outside when the guys approach but she takes care of herself. She turns into a were and kills them.

Mary's afraid and runs to Olivia after it happens. Lem, Patience, and Joe are there. The cops are on their way and they tell what they know which is nothing but lies.

Manfred sees one of the dead guy's ghosts, but not for long as it gets into the ambulance with his dead body.

Olivia and Lem are being parents to Mary as they try to explain things to her. Lem is thrilled that Mary is taking so well to Olivia.

Fiji tells Olivia about what's going on and why she made Bobo forget her. Yet, he's still attracted to her even as a stranger.

A woman comes looking for her daughter. It's the woman and Olivia tells her what happened. It's Mary's grandmother and she knows her.

They take the woman to a back room to talk to her about what's happening. Olivia wants Fiji to do a test on the grandmother.

Patience gets rid of a security guard at the medical examiner's office so Manfred can get in there to pull the dead bodies out. The ghost returns and Manfred starts asking questions.

Manfred calls Olivia and tells her about the supernatural fight ring and by the time she's off the phone, the grandmother and the girl are gone. She's taken Mary to the fight ring and shows her all of the cages. Mary meets her father.

The gang is outside the "circus" trying to figure out a plan to save Mary.

Bobo comes into Fiji's shop.Even though he doesn't know her, he's still in love with her and then when he touches her, he starts remembering. Good god they need to dump this story.

The gang tries to get in but are stopped until Patience does her thing.

Manfred is going to put Lem up to step into the ring. While Lem is in the ring, Olivia and Joe go looking for Mary. After getting her out of the cage, they also save her dad.

Lem is fighting about five supernaturals and is kicking their ass until he gets overwhelmed. The grandmother is told about what's going on and Manfred tells Lem to move it and he kicks some major ass to get moving.

The dad asks the gang to save everyone but the grandmother shows up and then Joe does a special thing that releases the shock collars from all the supernaturals and they attack the grandmother.

The dad wants to take Mary to somewhere safe and Mary wants Olivia to come along, but she can't. Olivia had a bond with Mary and is sad to see her go.

Manfred and Patience start to kiss as they walk home but she stops it from happening.

Fiji turned Bobo into a dog and the cat isn't happy. WTF.

Olivia is still upset about Mary having to leave and it brings back memories of her childhood and she cries in Lem's arm.

Patience shows up at Manfred's place. It's going down.



Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Olivia: Why did Manfred bring Patience with him?
Lem: Why does that bother you?
Olivia: Well, for one, her name is Patience.

When people like me find a place like this, we tend to stay.