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Manfred talks to Patience about the supernatural powers he saw. Patience doesn't think they're dangerous or that Kai is.

They start kissing when Creek walks in. Awkward. She apparently got a voicemail from him.

Fiji has a box from Celeste with everything she needs to pledge to some witch order. She's going to pledge herself to a dark order to save Bobo.

Creek joins the other Midnighters at the diner as Manfred tells everyone about the monster powers Kai has stored in the jukebox.

Manfred wants to test Kai by having Lem ask for his powers back to see if he's hiding something.

Joe's boyfriend gives him a handwashing and Joe comes clean about demon hunting again.

Lem and Olivia talk about him going back to being a vampire and how it will not allow them to have children. She says they can adopt when that time comes.

They get a pizza delivery.

Kai confronts Patience about her relationship with Manfred. She apparently left him a voicemail meant for Manfred, but it wasn't her.

Creek and Manfred argue about him sleeping with Patience. She's being the jealous ex-girlfriend.

The cowboy is waiting or Joe because he says he got a text from him.

Fiji performs the pledge as Bobo watches. Fiji goes dark and then stabs herself. WTF. And pulls out something from inside...like a cacoon that then turns into a blue butterfly. When she's out of it, she has a grey streak in her hair and is extremely horny.

Lem visits Kai about his powers but Kai says he can't go back.

As he leaves he finds the pizza delivery guy had fallen off his bike and Lem helps him.

Joe is arguing with the cowboy and wants to know why he's hunting demons. The guy lets him look into a memory of his mother being attacked by demons when he was a child.

Then they start kissing again. Right in front of Joe's house. Seriously.

Creek and Manfred are still arguing. Manfred tries to make up and they kiss. Patience shows up at the door and she tells him that Kai knows about them and about the voicemail.

Manfred gets Creek out of Midnight - or tries to anyway but it doesn't seem like they can get out of town. They're trapped.

Olivia is tending to the injured pizza delivery guy. The lights go out and the phones don't work.

Joe feels guilty about cheating on Chuy. 

Fiji and Bobo finish their sexy time and Bobo notices the power is out in the entire town. She's also acting very weird.

The Midnighters meet in town to discuss what's going on. Manfred still thinks Kai is behind it all. The pizza guy is listening to everything He's apparently a demon hunter and calls someone to come help him.

Then he shows up at Fiji's place. He tells her he's a trickster. She's very welcoming to him. And he discovers her secret that she doesn't give a damn since turning to the dark side.

The Midnighters show up at the hotel for a ruse to break into Kai's stash. Manfred and Joe try to get the head but there are too many spells around it.

The trickster makes a phone call to the cowboy to go to the diner where Chuy happens to be and sees that chuy is a demon. he and Fiji watch.

Creek talks to Patience about Manfred in one of the hotel rooms. Someone comes in about an emergency and Patience leaves.

Patience goes to the basement to find Lem and Olivia creeping around.

Je tries one more thing with the head and it comes alive.

Creek goes wandering in the hotel looking for Manfred but runs into Kai.

The team meets back at the diner and Lem drinks his power and is a vampire again.

The cowboy chases after Chuy and warns Joe that Chuy is a demon. Chuy is not happy about Walker.

Bob finds Fiji who doesn't hve a care in the world about what's going on. He touches her and his hand sizzles.

Walker is very upset that joe is married to a demon and chuy goes off. Joe stops him before he kills Walker.

Joe can't calm Chuy down until Manfred shows up and knocks Chuy off and he escapes. Walker wants him dead. Lem steps in and knocks Walker out.

Kai flips a lid and kicks everyone out of the hotel.

Then the lights come back on and the Trickster starts clapping for a great performance and then disappears.

Lem talks to Walker about backing off from Joe.

Bobo tells Manfred that Creek took off in her car. Manfred tells him and Olivia about Patience.

When Bobo gets home she's all tears because she knows it was teh dark magic that overtook her. Of course, he does, but she's pulling his leg.

Manfred comes home to find Creek is gone for good. He calls her and leaves her a message, but is Creek really gone?

Creek is outside but she's a ghost. Someone murdered her. Was it Kai?





Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You're sleeping with a married woman, and we broke up five minutes ago. I guess I didn't think you were that guy.


Manfred: I know Kai is stockpiling supernatural powers. I saw them.
Patience: No. He locks them away for safekeeping. The energy he extracts is like toxic waste. Once he removes it, he can't just throw it away. It's dangerous.