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Patience tries to help Manfred from his incident  with the painting. She tells him the head is where Kai gets all his juju from.

There's something going on between Patience and Manfred, but he hugged her because he wanted to get a piece of her hair.

Bobo has an accident in the shower. He slips and a shard of glass is in his leg. The glass just missed his femoral artery.

Fiji is holding a witch circle for some inner witch juju when Manfred walks in. He tells Fiji about the head and gives Patience's hair to her to run a spell on it to see if patience is trustworthy. The white smoke tells her it is.

When Fiji walks back into the room when the other witches stop chanting they all point their fingers at her.

Manfred gets into the circle to find information and sees her Aunt Mildred.

Joe makes plans to go out without Chuy.

Fiji wants Manfred to summon Mildred, but he's hesitant. 

The Hunter's Moon is going to be tonight and Olivia brings the Rev some heavy chains. He wants Lem to help her and then thanks her for always helping him. It's weird.

Flashback to 10 years earlier. Tiger rev attacks a rancher on the side of the road who was changing his tire. When he wakes up as himself, he sees what he did. The rancher is still alive but dies in the Rev's arms.

Joe meets with his demon hunter friend and kisses Joe who doesn't expect it, but it's a "distraction". They're going demon hunting and that's why Joe has the big knife.

Bobo gets a call from Fiji at the bar and she tells him what's going on with Manfred. 

Madonna gets suspicious texts. Someone is looking for something when Olivia shows up and she and Madonna throw shots.

Olivia talks about her problems with Lem.

Joe and Walker are following the demons and Walker shares his story of how he became a demon hunter.

Patience visits Manfred and asks him out for drinks but he's got things to do. The conversation turns to him renting a space from them at the hotel. he's all in.

Joe and Walker confront demons but they've been waiting for them and it's not looking good. A fight ensues and Team Joe is kicking ass.

Walker and Joe get into the shower together and are flirty but Joe stops before things get further.

Rev tells Lem he's not the man they think he is. What he is (via flashback) is a faker. he stole the identity of the man he killed. That guy was a preacher and he arrives in Midnight where Lem greets him and welcomes him.

Rev is giving Lem his confession.

Manfred and Fiji find a space to bring in Mildred's spirit. In order for Mildred to come back, Manfred has to take her place on the other side. It's dangerous.

Madonna gets Olivia's blood by cutting her "accidentally" and takes the bloody towel out as she texts a Philip Charity that she got the blood.

Fijji and Manfred perform the ritual and Manfred changes places with Mildred. He can't be touched by the witches on the other side or he's doomed forever.

Mildred tells Fiji that bad things have been happening to Bobo because her family is cursed.

On the other side, Manfred's flashlight goes out but he's got flares that save him in time. 

Mildred tells Fiji that she delved into black magic and that the curse is going to damn Bobo. Manfred is surrounded but Mildred doesn't shut up. Mildred tells Fiji the curse has nothing to do with sex and then Manfred gets back to the other side.

Fiji tells Manfred about the curse. As long as Bobo loves Fiji, he's going to die.

The Rev tells Lem that he got cured by Kai and is leaving Midnight and does.

Chuy comes into the bathrom to find Joe shaving off all his hair.

Manfred visits Patience. She shares the news that he's got his own office at the hotel. he asks if kai can remove a witch's curse but she says no. She gets a call from Kai and she's upset because he's going to be gone a couple more days. 

Manfred asks her to go for drinks.

Lem checks in on Olivia who is in bed and drunk. 

Lem called everyone to the church to tell them about Rev. They light candles for him one by one.

Fiji tells Bobo that everything happening is because he's not the one and that it's over.




Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

The evil in Midnight doomed Creek and me. I'm not going to let that happen to you and Bobo.


Chuy: That's all well and good, Madonna, but you don't know what it's like to be a freak, to be a total outsider.
Madonna: Really, honey? I'm a black woman in Texas.