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-The insurance investigator warns Karen that the investigation may turn criminal and they need her patient notes. 


-Elizabeth Grey tells Karen she needs to have her notes say that Tom was suicidal so that the investigation will be dropped. Although unhappy, Karen relents and doctors her notes.


-Joss and Alex have sex in the shower but agree it was a one time thing. Joss admits she's not gay but still finds herself attracted to her friend.


-April finds out she doesn't have much ready cash to pay possible child support. 


-After arguing with Lucy who cuts school to see Selena Gomez, April hooks up with the handsome single dad when he visits her store. 


-Harry suspects Savi is pregnant and asks her to take a test. When she notices she's bleeding she tells him she can't be pregnant. Her doctor says it's just spotting and the pregnancy is fine but her blood pressure is high and she must change her stress levels.


-Dom tells Savi he doesn't regret what happened between them as he has feelings for her. 


-While still awaiting the paternity test results, Savi breaks down and tells Harry that she is pregnant but the baby may not be his. 

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

If you're too sad to hike I totally understand.


When they're that pretty, generally they're not that interesting.