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-When Sam reneges on their deal and gives his mother an alibi in depositions, Karen tells the whole truth and shocks everyone.


-Paul agrees to leave for Florida. April and Richard reconcile. April decides to tell Lucy the truth only to go to pick her up from school and find her missing.


-When Alex hints that it might be OK if Joss still wants to sleep with men, Joss has a fling with Olivier. But Alex isn't' happy when the truth comes out.


-Harry tries to get the lab to give him the paternity results but fails. Savi heads to New York on business and wonders whether she should discount her feelings for Dom simply because of how they started. 

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Karen: Feeling hot?
Joss: And bothered.

You know New Yorkers. They're picking and opinionated. They refuse to like anything but I'll get them.