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-Savi and Joss' mother, Janet visits and mistakenly thinks Harry cheated on Savi. After being set straight, Savi doesn't tell her she's pregnant.


-Turns out Savi's father left when Janet became pregnant with another man's child. That child was Joss.


-Janet plans to move to Rio. Joss offers to go for two weeks of mother/daughter bonding time to help mom get settled but Janet blows her off to go with a hot bartender instead. 


-Savi has Joss hold the unopened paternity results. She's not ready to open them as there's no good answer inside.


-Karen suspects Elizabeth Grey killed Tom after finding out about their affair. Elizabeth actually fed Karen the wrong dates when she had her rewrite her patient notes and hits Dr. Kim with a wrongful death suit.


-Paul returns and tells April he wants to see Lucy. April considers telling Richard about her undead ex.


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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm like a dog who knows when a earthquake's coming.


And if we want to look at the silver lining here, he was going to die soon anyway. So as far as murders go it's like not the worst kind of murder.