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-Savi tries to get Dom to sign away his parental rights before the DNA results are back. He refuses.


-Harry tells Savi she has to make a choice between him and the baby if it's not his. Savi gets the test results but has yet to open them.


-Joss and Alex embark on a real love match.


-Elizabeth Grey announces to Karen that she knows she slept with her husband and Sam overhears.


-April's husband Paul tells her he faked his own death after losing his job and feeling like a failure and he's been living with Miranda and Scotty all this time. Miranda decided to scam her because money is tight. April sends them both packing but Paul intends to stick around.


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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Your apartment makes me want to kill myself.


You're not Paul. You can't be Paul. Paul is dead.